Tesla Agrees To Quietly Buy Back Model X In High Profile Lemon Law Case

JUN 27 2016 BY JAY COLE 69

In May, a disgruntled Tesla Model X owner took Tesla to court in California due to what he claimed was malfunctioning features and finishes on the all-electric SUV.  Defects that had not been repairable by the company in his opinion, thus stating his $161,970 all-electric SUV was a lemon, and he desired to have his money refunded.

Many of the issues in the case centered around the operation of the Model X's unique door operations

Many of the issues in the case centered around the operation of the Model X’s unique door operations

The owner, 38-year-old Barrett Lyon also owns two other Tesla vehicles – a Model S and Roadster, and had stated that he was happy with those products; which only served to make the case more unique than some others, as malice (or ulterior motives) towards the company was not evident in the proceedings … just the fact he was really was unsatisfied with the product Tesla supplied.

At the time of the filing, we felt that both the particulars of the case (full details here) and the high visibility of it, would see the matter settled quickly and decisively:

“…we get the feeling that the matter does have Tesla’s full attention; and that Tesla will either, commit a lot of resources to either winning this case, or to using those same resources to make it go away quietly.”

As it turns out, Tesla went with the latter, as the company has quietly taken back Barrett’s Model X and also settled the lawsuit out of court.

Fortune asked Lyon for comment, but clearly a NDA was part of the settlement, as the claimant said he could not do so – other than to confirm that Tesla now had the Model X in its possession; which was also confirmed by a Tesla spokesperson.

“We are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience throughout ownership. As a principle, we are always willing to buy back a car in the rare event that a customer isn’t completely happy. Today, the majority of Model X owners are loving their cars,” said the spokesperson by email to the magazine.


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A $161,970 all-electric SUV?

A bargain given the outstanding build quality.

Haha, tongue-in-cheek of course, but this goes to my point of for the past 4 or 5 years GM should have released its EXISTING 2 motor, 2 gearset Escalade Hybrid with a large battery and J1772 connector for a 50- (now) 100 mile All Electric Range. The fact that “X” owners willingly put up with all these problems after spending a small Fortune proves Tesla could use some healthy competition, which GM could provide with basically ‘off-the-shelf’ products. An LG 60 kwh battery package could easily be shoe-horned into the extended “EXT” model. A 30 kwh version could provide 40-50 mile AER, with the 60 kwh version providing 100 miles with a light pedal. The same thing could also be done with their high markup full sized truck lines. So they could have big products (trucks and luxury SUV’s) that were essentially electric almost all the time. It is perplexing to me why they haven’t done it, since it would certainly have people like Bob Lutz’ blessing. I suspect the Oil Cartel has ‘strongly discouraged’ any talk of a vehicle which REALLY saves A LOT of gasoline or Diesel, and sells in huge numbers. So we, the ev buying public,… Read more »

Totally agree – been waiting years for GM to move their tech (Voltec) to SUV’s. I fear they will kill the Golden Goose that is the service department – where they make a ton of $$. This is the only reason I think they are dragging their feet…

Yep. But such a PHEV would bring in less profit than a gas-only Escalade. So they don’t do it.


GM’s PEVs have 70% conquest rate. So, that means 70% of the buyer wouldn’t have bought GM car anyway if it wasn’t for the PEV offering. So, GM only affect 30% of its own sales.

Still win over 70% of the new sales. So, your excuses don’t make sense.

The problem is cost. At those size/weight, the PHEV version will cost significantly more.

GM’s last hybrid sales was terrible, why would they risk more now?

@Bill H

I agree with spec. They could do it in 2 seconds…but they have no incentive to do so. They have to maximize profits and they make the most profit by selling high margin Silverados and Tahoes.

But I agree it’s such a pity they don’t do it. They have all the tools and they make a super reliable product. My Volt never went to the dealer the entire time I had it for 3 years I had it. ….and you of all people would know what actually owning a Tesla is about.

Right, of course, but it means nothing.
This is what everybody is saying for so long and for all the major car manufacturer and they say it themselves.
They can produce a better Tesla tomorrow, but they don’t, cause, nobody want them, right?
Yeah right.
Better say they won’t because they can’t, but everyone know it’s a lie.
So Tesla will live long and strong despite all default.


You guys are fast with the fixes – I’m impressed. Maybe Tesla needs your mojo.

Most of his claims are based on his opinions.

The Lemon Law states a 3 strikes rule where the same issue gets fixed/repaired at least 3 times.

If it were my MX, I’d just ask for a later VIN number X where hopefully they have the issues resolved.

Most state lemon laws have multiple provisions that can be triggered. When he filed the lawsuit, these issues were still occurring in the production line, as I can personally testify, so he may not have wanted one. Worst quality of any new car I’ve purchased, but slowly being remedied by Tesla’s outstanding service centers. New Xs may be better now.

“Personally testify”?

It is truly bizarre that one of the “usual suspect” anti-Tesla FUDsters on InsideEVs claims to have bought a Tesla car.

One might almost think he doesn’t actually believe any of the FUD he has posted, nor his frequent not-exactly-subtle hints that Tesla is about to fail and go bankrupt…

Please do not confuse Three and Four Electric again… This is getting tiresome. 🙁

The source Forbes article stated: “Part of this frustration appear to stem from what one owner, who returned a Model X and described Tesla’s request for ‘an onerous NDA/release’ and ‘information lockdown.'” “Onerous” might refer to the amount of predetermined damages stipulated in Tesla’s Lemon Law Buyback NDA/Release. The Daily Kanban has reported that Tesla tried to get a customer to sign a Lemon Law nondisclosure-agreement/release that also contained an onerous liquidated damages clause that appears to be 100% of the amount Tesla paid to buy back the lemon law car, $154,381 and 83 cents. The Florida customer who received this NDA contacted the Florida Attorney General (AG), and the AG told him that this NDA agreement is against the law in Florida and is void as contrary to public policy. California also has a law that renders these kinds of NDA’s void and unenforceable. Tesla is using a null and void NDA with a 6-figure liquidated damages clause as a scare tactic to keep dissatisfied customers, who are unaware of their rights, quiet. Customers who are unaware that the NDA is unenforceable, wouldn’t dare risk incurring a $150,000+ penalty for violating Tesla’s NDA. These null and void NDAs are… Read more »

Dailykanban isn’t a source. Try again.

The source Forbes article for the InsideEVs story is here:


Fortune states the following in the above article:
“Part of this frustration appear to stem from what one owner, who returned a Model X and described Tesla’s request for ‘an onerous NDA/release’ and ‘information lockdown.’”

Fortune.com also isn’t a credible source.

We put 3k miles on our X 90D since end of May and are loving it 🙂

It is true that Fortune is certainly in the anti-Tesla camp, if that is what you are saying. Happy to see you enjoying your ride.

That’s great your X is holding up so far. It proves that Tesla made at least one X that isn’t a lemon.

Sadly the same can hardly said for your comments.

Sven: Excellent Link. Helps put the entire issue into the proper perspective… Tesla unfortunately, has been much too quick to deflect blame. One thing that comes to mind is the issue of the incompetantly designed 14-50P adapter burning down a garage. 1). Tesla first said “NO problems with the Car at all!!” Of course not. The issue was at the other end of the charger cord purchased WITH the car. 2). Fanboys immediately said, the electrical inspector, building inspector, owner, etc were to blame – but I had personally seen an overheating plug at the Toronto Tesla Service center, and, it objectively doesn’t meet NEMA standards for current density. The solution which got rid of the issue, were the somewhat bandaid fixes of lowering the current to 32, and 24 amps (from 40 amps), as well as the big improvement of having a fusible link in the plug should a fire be imminent. How GM treated a similar issue with the first (2010-2011) charging cord, is, although the owner’s manual specifically stated that the cord is a high-power device, and must be used only with an electrician inspected outlet of high-quality, did, under recall, ‘robustify’ the cord to work even… Read more »
It is truly astounding to me that anyone, even a dedicated Tesla basher like sven, would cite this owner’s claims as some sort if indication of… well, of anything except how far some people will go to conduct a smear campaign. Any rational, unbiased person who took the trouble to read all the posts / rants from the guy complaining about his Model X on the Tesla Motors Club forum — and there were a lot of posts from the guy over a period of weeks — would come away with the impression that none of what this guy says can be trusted. At the very least he has contradicted himself, has failed to mention materially important facts related to his claims, and has repeated obviously untrue, wildly absurd claims from another Tesla basher who appears to be clinically insane. Bottom line: This is a smear campaign, and anyone who keeps citing these claims, or referring to them as if they’re credible, even after it’s been pointed out to that person repeatedly that this is all a pack of lies… well, obviously that person is not interested in truth, fairness, or objectivity. * * * * * Let’s keep in… Read more »

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“That doesn’t in any way alter the fact that Tesla has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any auto maker: 98%.”

The Tesla owners who signed a Nondisclosure Agreement in exchange for goodwill repairs and Lemon Law buybacks would not be allowed to answer a customer satisfaction survey honestly if they were dissatisfied, lest they risk breaching the NDA. 😀

* * * * *

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“. . . would cite this owner’s claims as some sort if indication of… well, of anything except how far some people will go to conduct a smear campaign. . . . Bottom line: This is a smear campaign. . .”

This owner owns two other Teslas (a Roadster and Model S) that he is happy with, which completely undercuts your claim that he is conducting a smear campaign. He apparently has no ax to grind other than the issues he had with his Model X. Unlike you Pushmi-Pullyu, he has skin in this game, having given Tesla about $350,000 to purchase three different Teslas, a Roadster, Model S, and Model X.


Point is Sven, the guy has never been near an EV, refuses to buy even a cheap used one, and therefore has no personal experience, positive or negative, with the companies involved, and arm-chair quarterbacks everything he is unfamiliar with.

Its just noise and I suppose his only ‘benefit’ here is that he gets you to willingly use your time and effort to dispute his nonsense.

I see what you’re trying to say, but it seems like this analogy or ad absurdum fits:

“Until you’ve personally flown to the moon, you have no place to comment on space travel.”

Since he has no interest in purchasing an electric car of any price range, yet posts hundreds of page length comments per week, I can only conclude he is a paid shill for the Nuclear Industry of which he frequently posts page long drivel barely related to the article. When he is proven wrong much more often than not, he just keeps going.

A volunteer wouldn’t do this.

The guy that got his money back has a Roadster and a Model S. He likes both cars but just wants Tesla to take the X back.

Tesla did the right thing and took it back.

The NDA is the embarrassing part…but I’m sick of hearing about the NDA fiasco also.

I think Tesla does it’s best to fix the problems. They can engineer their way out of almost insolvable problems like the battery fires. If Elon can land a spent a rocket stage he can fix these mundane problems on the ground as well.

Owner satisfaction isn’t a good indicator of reliability for $100K cars.
“Model S is in the shop again, guess we’ll take the Jag today, old chap!”

The real test will be with the Model 3, since most buyers will expect it to perform on a daily basis as it will be their only car.

Well stated. Went to Europe in May( Italy ) 90% of cars are fiat mini cooper types and fuel $1.60 Euro. Here in USA we are burdened with big cars and over priced petrol ($3.00) in CA. I’m grateful for Tesla and happy to see a company take on the oil company, a bold and needed move,I can hardly wait to kick oil to a curb. any curb. Long live Tesla!!

You do know that gas in Europe is sold by the liter, right?


Sven is out with his Daily Kanban references and is burning up his keyboard.

Name one auto manufacturer that has not made a lemon. Just one. I’m waiting. Do tell, I imagine there is some oil sheikh out there with a Bugatti Veyron in his garage that keeps giving him grief!

Sven is a career Tesla-basher, laying in wait to pounce on any Tesla news with severe critique. The Daily Kanban must be his FAVORITE website! L 🙂 L!

If I bought an expensive product and was dissatisfied with it, esp. if it cost over $100,000… And if it’s maker offered me a complete buyback, but required a NDA…NO SWEAT, MAN! Sven and Tesla-bashers like him seem to think this is FBI investigation worthy.

There is no deep-seated secret here, that Tesla is hiding complete chaos in the X manufacturing process…No big scandal, fraud or corruption involved. Sven seems like possibly a retired writer for the National Perspirer.

James said:
“Name one auto manufacturer that has not made a lemon.”

Name me one auto manufacturer besides Tesla that requires its customers to sign a null and void Nondisclosure Agreement with a $150,000+ liquid damages clause to facilitate a statutorily required Lemon Law buyback.

James, please answer the following question for me (switching from the subject of Lemon Law buyback to Goodwill Repairs). James, would you be OK with General Motors making out-of-warranty goodwill repairs to cars damaged in accidents that resulted from a defective ignition switch, and GM requiring their customers sign a Nondisclosure Agreement to receive the goodwill repair?

Would you be still be OK with it if later on some GM drivers died because their ignition switch failed and they were unaware that there was a problem with the ignition switch, because everyone who previously had their ignition switch fail kept silent and didn’t talk about it due to GM making them sign a NDA to get the goodwill repair. Do you see why these NDA are a bad idea and against public policy?

James, do you have the balls to answer the questions above, or are you going to pretend that you didn’t see it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Sven is a career Tesla-basher,” Did sven get a second job?

As far is Tesla is concerned, there are many things they do that are great, but there are also some negatives, like the early X being lemon. They will work themselves out eventually, but current criticisms are warranted until they do.

I fully expect early Tesla 3 to be lemons, and I will be waiting few years after Tesla 3 comes out so I don’t end up with a lemon.

If there is ONE InsideEvs reader out there that is not familiar with Tesla’s rough starts with it’s first Model S that came off the factory floor, write me. Like Model S, the X has had a bit of a rough start. But let’s think about the details. It’s a completely new idea of a car. It possesses enough firsts to be a “moonshot” for any other car company. Elon admits he put it out there – for Model X to be a Mars Mission in the SUV world: Totally new type of doors never attempted by even the most tried-n-true, 100 year-old car company…The industry’s largest windscreen, which required tons of engineering to even the sun visors, pedestal seats tried by nobody else – ever…The list goes on. Go to Tesla forums. The place is NOT lit up with dissatisfied customers. There is no huge disgrace…Model S was a brand-new type of car from a BRAND-NEW startup company that never ever mass-produced ANYTHING, not even a toaster oven, before. Tesla had a goal of top service and customer response and went to literally unheard levels of effort to satisfy every buyer. To date, the compliments roll in – How… Read more »
James said: “Go to Tesla forums. The place is NOT lit up with dissatisfied customers.” Let me play devil’s advocate to expose the flaw in your logic. If there were many dissatisfied customers who signed Nondisclosure Agreements, would any of them post comments on Tesla forums complaining about the issues with their car and risk breaching the Nondisclosure Agreement that they signed? Likewise, with the financial incentives offered by Tesla with their monetary Referral Program, would many owners complain about problems with their cars when they are trying to get as many sales referrals as they can to earn their reward/commission? These owners have a financial incentive to say positive things about their cars, and not say negative things about their cars. It would be like a real estate agent talking bad about a house they were trying to sell instead of puffing it up. Please note that a real estate agent in an agent of the seller, not the buyer, and is looking out for the buyer’s best interest and their own financial interest in the form of a big fat commission check. James said: “Sven sits on some throne . . . And judge the epic gigantic efforts… Read more »



Well stated. American Car companies are in cahoots with big oil and Americans are bleeding trying to make ends meet shelling out tall money in gas fees. Tesla Motors are in the class with the Wright brothers on aviation and Mr. Ford for getting people off the horse and carriage. My money is on Tesla.

“American Car companies are in cahoots with big oil”
This is certainly true of German automakers, with the largest shareholders being big oil.

Qatar is the largest shareholder of Volkswagen.

The UAE owns largest share of Daimler (Mercedes Benz)

Not once has sven, or tftf commented upon the many thousands of workers who have jobs in America because of Tesla. Not once has sven and tftf admitted that the Toyota-GM mashup that ran the NUMMI auto plant dumped thousands of auto workers in Fremont, California into the crevasse of unemployment. That Tesla boosted the economy by buying the factory and hiring back many that lost their careers. Tesla keeps hiring! American workers! Thousands and thousands of workers! There was a government loan involved. Oh dear! Tesla paid off their loan in half the time allotted. This is TERRIBLE! While a female presidential candidate under FBI investigation is the leader in all the election polls…And as millions ignore the Clinton track record of campaign finance abuse and long, long trail of illegal scandal and coverup fueld by lies and power brokering… We also have folks that ignore the positives of a new auto corporation employing Americans and paying taxes in America…And they seek to poke and accuse at every single opportunity they get. Just think of the REAL SCANDALS they could be sitting on their *sses writing about… Tesla acquired a plant in Lathrop, California once owned by Daimler/Mopar as… Read more »

James said:
“I ask sven and tftf: What cars should we buy you guys?”

If you’re buying, then get me a Porshe 918 in fire engine red! If you can’t find one of those, I’ll settle for a blue Telsa Model S P90D with all the options, especially the Ludicrous Mode upgrade, and definitely get me the 8-year Prepaid Service Plan and the Extended Service Agreement for peace of mind. 😀

James said:
“What kind of car should we buy and from whom – and why?”

You should buy an i3 from BMW because it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and also because of the answer to that old joke: What’s the difference a porcupine and a BMW. 😉

Tftf have no cogent answers to my point. Isn’t that a surprise? 🙂 Who is getting ripped off here? YOU?!! Who is getting scammed? Where is the big victim here? The taxpayer? NOOOO… Tens of thousands of happy Tesla owners? Noooo? The gleeful, giddy drivers on YouTube experiencing silent rushes of 100% torque in a seven seat car or SUV that beats 300,000 exotic supercars?…Nooooo… When they bite Tesla’s heels with their keyboards – They cite Consumer Reports, or websites that talk about Tesla models with early growing pains. Yet they don’t cite the people on Tesla forums that state they expected the growing pains because of the newness of Tesla, the size of the goals they attempted, and the uniqueness of the product. They were WILLING to take on complexities to be the first in line to obtain the dazzling products!!!! Why does that urk tftf, the Kanban twins and sven? I guess they can’t afford to take pleasure in a Tesla – so they bitch and moan…A LOT! So why were Model S in the service centers getting new gearcases and even motors? Well, one trip to YouTube might give sven and tftf, Consumer Reports and the Daily… Read more »


Good grief!
I felt patriotic and I’m not even an American!

OHHhh.. J H C,
James is back – ignoring as always, Rexsee, a show of hands that missed the James’ soliloquies?

you and one other writer are poster-children for consistent outpouring of more words that the Real writers on IEV – I never thanked you for going away, so:
Thank You for going away.
Presuming we are lucky enough for a repeat performance, do a quick check for the Other 4-posts-per-article ‘FUDster’ and take him With you, ok? I’ll drop a benjamin on any charity you desire if I read nothing from either of you for one single month.

Ah, religion

God bless you!

OK, read all the arguments on both sides so far. You all have merit but still, like James said, if Tesla bought the car back, why push for the NDA? Is it not sufficient to say that we want to keep our customers happy?

Other potential customers might want to know more (part of shopping research). It is crazy to even have NDAs.

On one hand, you have the crazies who try real hard to slam Tesla with fake issues – the fusebox guy, the idiot’s wife who drove into a building, the NYT reporter who ran the battery down, etc.

Best way to counter all these crazies is with real information. Now throw in NDAs whenever issues arise and the whole Tesla name starts smelling….

Think about it, Tesla.

I’m not sure which news I’m most sick of hearing anymore about:


or the big Tesla Solar City merger.

I would be pissed if I own 2 other Tesla and the 3rd one has quality issue.

I agree that Tesla did the right thing and bought it back.

I hope Tesla fixes all the issues…

I view this buy back as a positive thing. I rather Tesla learn from this and ensure the Model 3 is ready to go out the door vs. forcing a bad position resulting in poor quality.

I notice no one here has thanked SVEN for buying an electric car ( I believe he drives a VOLT).

I respect Mr. Musk since he had the gratitude to thank me for risking my cash on his company’s Roadster, making all future vehicles possible (along with all other Roadster purchasers).

How many of Sven’s critics have purchased an EV? Definitely not all of them.

It seems like frequently, those who have the highest standards of purity for EVs (e.g. BEV or bust), and those who accuse the mainstream automakers of intentionally sabotaging the EV market… these purists, like the vast majority of drivers, cannot afford a Tesla, and so they loudly proclaim what kind of car Everyone Else should be buying.

I have a feeling that if these comments somehow magically displayed number of EV miles logged as a statistic next to one’s posting name, the most fevered EV purists would suddenly become a lot less insistent.

The quality of your argument has nothing to do with which car you drive.

Are you claiming or hinting at hypocrisy?

On the contrary: having actual experience with driving an EV (or: paying for one) gives the speaker more authority to comment on the real-world challenges involved in doing so.

It’s easy for an armchair QB commenter to sit back and insist that PHEVs are “filthy gas guzzlers” and that BEVs are the Only True Solution when said commenter still drives an ICE and has never had to deal with any of the consequences of that decision. It is equally easy to spend someone else’s paycheck and insist that ultra-expensive Tesla is the only automaker out there that deserves EV customers’ money.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Tesla can’t fix the issues..at least not all of them right now..why would they buy back this vehicle if they could fix the problems? As far as that P-P writer.. he or she is up to their neck in Tesla stock and protecting their interests..I doubt greatly they lease or own a Tesla at all… just a big BS artist so full of stink.. their pants are bursting.. he attacks anyone that has any opinion other than “Tesla is all great and powerful” and immediately brands anyone who dusagrees as a “Tesla hater”.. As a Tesla leasee.. I have seen the X in action.. do NOT like it at all.. have already seen one up for sale used at a Tesla supercharger.. I would not recommend the X myself..would not lease or buy it personally. .feel it has multiple short comings..and don’t understand why a high priced vehicle like this would be sold by any company..let alone Tesla.. before it was absolutely perfect.. or as good as it could possibly be.. which the MX is not.. and why is therea NDA?? This looks real bad again.. Tesla is hushing the truth about their products publicly which looks terrible.. this is… Read more »

It is extremely embarrassing as a reader of this site to see the fanboys defend Tesla for every single thing because of the “they are saving the earth in the end” argument. If it’s not that argument, you people are pretty much admitting Tesla is making bad batches of new model cars and then bring up the “they are a new company” argument. Hold the company for accountability for God’s sake!

I have no horse in this race at all but I will say that this NDA agreement business is very embarrassing. The company should be open about its products and relationship with customers, not try to hide problems so future would-be customers don’t catch wind of them and end up not buying their vehicles.

My point is simple. Even if the so called “Tesla bashers” are bashing your beloved company for their own means, at least they are right about the point being brought up a.k.a the Non Disclosure Agreements. Tesla is not just responsible to their shareholders for profit but also for being morally correct.

I had serious problems with my Tesla S, I’m now in the middle of the process with Tesla, until now they offered total refund, which was not accepted by me, I like Tesla and I don’t want to give up from Tesla. I propose something which I hope they will accepted, let see what they will decide in the next few days. I’m not based in EUA, but waiting for the decision from America.

I don’t believe I have seen any evidence indicating that Tesla’s NDA is different than every other automotive firms. Likewise, I have seen no evidence that Tesla has more lemons than other firm. Very hard to understand why this is a “story” in light of the above.

Buying back the car doesn’t indicate that it cannot be fixed. It just means that fixing the car isn’t guaranteed to satisfy the customer. Buying it back offers the cleanest way to at least assuage the customer quickly. Tesla can then fix car (or not) on their own time.

What, exactly, do you believe the NDA for GM, Toyota, Ford, etc. is right now?

Because, to my knowledge, no other automaker has an NDA with its paying customers.

There is no good reason to believe the other firms don’t also use NDAs nor that Tesla’s version is significantly different.

He, Spider Dan, long time no talk. The use of NDAs as part of out-of-court settlements is almost universal. I can truthfully say that I have never heard of such a settlement that didn’t include an NDA. To hear some of the posters here, one would think Tesla invented this diabolical device. As a side note, 2016 is passing quickly and it will then be time to discuss the results our bet on Volt vs Tesla sales. I can’t believe you doubled down on that.

Yes, we will see. 2016 is almost halfway done; while I’m confident the Volt will be the top-selling EV in the U.S. this year, the yo-yo nature of MX sales make a long-term prediction tough to nail down.

A fortunate break for you that Tesla didn’t start delivering Model Xs until December of last year! That’s a lot of demand that would (should?) have been satisfied in 2015, though I guess it’s possible that articles like the one we are commenting on would have no impact on MX sales.

Hilarious comments would read again … LOL

Seems like a non-event compared to VW having to buy back 475k vehicles in the U.S. alone.

Yes, whatever this costs Tesla it just has to be less than the $15 Billion their “Clean Diesel” program has ultimately cost.

Now, of course, VW claims they want to get into EV’s – but I sure haven’t seen anything compelling out of them – other then that Buddy micro-microvan (1/2 size of what they used to make) that has a stock-broker’s dashboard so you can check your refrigerator temperature or a stock quote.

I wish automakers in general would cease with the high tech crap.

For the first time, auto deaths are UP in the states, and this has been mainly blamed on too many destractions with on-board navigation, phones, etc.