Tesla To Adopt China’s Charging Standards?

MAY 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 25

Tesla Model S inlet and plug in Europe

Tesla Model S inlet and plug in Europe

China has its own charging standards – presented above in the case of Denza EV (DC on the left and AC on the right).

Tesla Motors is using in China the same charging inlet like it does in Europe, which can directly handle European Type 2 AC charging and DC from Superchargers, or other standards through a special adapters (like CHAdeMO).

According to the latest news, Tesla intends to switch in China to local charging standards, although it’s unclear whether we are talking GB/T DC (after its revision by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) or a completely new standard under development.

“Tesla will adopt China’s future standard for charging electric vehicles, a company statement said, in an issue which has been a barrier to sales for the U.S. firm in the world’s largest auto market.

Tesla’s imported electric vehicles now use a plug based on the European standard, which is incompatible with the current Chinese standard, Tesla officials have said.

But Tesla has pledged to make its vehicles match China’s charging standard, which is still under review, said the statement released on Monday.”

If this happens, Tesla will provide conversion devices for already sold cars.

Zhu Xiaotong, Tesla’s general manager for the China region, said:

“Solving the charging problem is the top priority in promoting pure-electric cars.”

“Tesla will fully cooperate on the development of the national standards and construction of public charging infrastructure.”

It now seems that Tesla will sell cars with three different inlets in each market – North America, Europe and China.

Source: AFP via Industry Week

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Adapting to different marked is common sense
Hope for Tesla that there marked share will increase on this account.
Also hope that there supercharger technology will continue to evolve, for one simple reason it is the fastest out there for personal vehicles

Tesla is the only car company that I have seen build charging adapters to deal with all these crazy charging standards.

But if they have to build a adapter for China’s Quick charging standards they should built it into the car and do that for the chamo one too so that you don’t have to worry about the adapter getting lost or getting taken.

Two important points to note:

1. “China’s future standard for charging electric vehicles” … yes, ‘future standard’, not the GB/T DC. Expect this will incorporate the many lessons learned over the past 4-5 years.

2. The GB/T standard uses a CABBUS communication protocol similar to CHAdeMO and Tesla supercharging. This eases the complexity for Tesla to design a charging adopter for GB/T DC.

Note: China also plans to electrify 1000’s of km of highways with 100’s of charging stations (having multiple charging points) by 2020. Would expect the ‘future standard’, and design of highway infrastructure are being engineered together.

Why can China copy every other piece of technology in the world, but when it comes to charging standards, they have to develop their own?

Copying: chinese companies trying to make money
Standards chinese government trying to shine on the world stage

I don’t think having a different standard is a way to shine on the world stage. Who’s impressed by another charging standard?

I think it is more of a trade barrier/market-control technique. People won’t be able to just sneak in imports and have them work in China.

It’s not just charging standards; China has its own cellular & broadcast-TV standards, among others.

Oh your daily racism.

Who said anything about race?

Perhaps learning from the mistakes and weaknesses in existing designs?

Withholding comments until details on China’s ‘future standard’ is reveled.

China has been hostile to foreign imports for centuries. They’re certainly not going to let the EV revolution end that! China developing its own EV charging standards is hardly surprising; indeed, it was expected.

Different charging standards around the world is a bad thing.Why? Simply because it’s inferior to ICE vehicles. You pump the same gas everywhere. I’m not sure what should be done about this but I sure hope one day some of these things will be revised.

I just saw a total Chinese car today. Chinese numberplates and everything. Works just fine in the Netherlands. But an EV would be useless. Cars are not dvds and if I want to go on a fun trip with an EV all the way to China this should be possible. Probably I’ll never do it, but that’s not the issue here, the problem has more to do with the almost authentic feeling of freedom that comes with car ownership.

True. Though there is also the authentic feeling of dread that comes with owning a ICE, as in what will go wrong next.

Don’t get me wrong I hope
that ICE vehicles will be a thing of the past as soon as possible. That’s why I’m concerned.

To the guy talking about floating evs, I wasn’t really talking about the US was I?

Problem is that they have not invented EV’s that can float. No roads from US to China that I know of. Differing charging standards/adapters is really not an issue for a consumer to be concerned about(in this context of EV’s on different continents), it’s more of a nuisance for EV manufacturers to deal with

Ever heard of ships 😉

you must have a region free dvd player to play all dvds actually.

Agreed. It is a mess. But no sense crying over spilled milk.

“You pump the same gas everywhere”
Absolutely wrong.

There are a lot of differences in gasoline formulation between countries for various reasons, and they sometimes do cause issues.

In many places in the US gasoline contains methanol, which was then discovered to ruin the plastic gas tanks on Ducati motorcycles. Available octanes are different, as are the other additives used.

Heck, the amount of ethanol and the months in which it is used vary in different regions in the US.

To be successful in China: You must bow to them, as they will not bow to you…

So do EU and CN Tesla’s each have different SC station end plugs because the car’s ports are different from the original Tesla physical format?


Well, you have to speak Chinese in China. So why are we surprised about a different standard?

China is the largest auto market in the world so it certainly has its weight in setting standards.

If we have different electric outlet plugs all over the world, then why are we surprised that EVs have different plugs?

But wait… I was told that the reason why Superchargers in America can’t have different plugs is because they are too powerful to support other inferior charging standards. How is this possible?

As I have said before, the Tesla Connector is used in the U.S. specifically to provide Tesla a market advantage: their owners can connect to other charging networks, but owners of other EVs cannot connect to theirs.

And that’s fine: we live in a capitalistic society, and the free market will decide. But please, don’t try to sell me this “we just want to save the Earth and spread EVs” nonsense. Tesla doesn’t want to proliferate EVs; they want to proliferate Tesla EVs, which makes them the same as every other company ever.