Tesla Adds Storm Watch Mode To Powerwall



Tesla updated the Powerwall and Mobile App with the addition of a new Storm Watch mode


Tesla Mobile App

The Storm Watch mode enables one to get info from Tesla about expected storms in the area and when one is coming, the software automatically prepares the home energy storage for power breaks from the grid by keeping Powerwalls at a high state of charge.

The service is currently available only in selected regions.

The update includes also other things like info about Grid Services energy and power usage (for those who participate in sharing their batteries with utilities for grid stability).

3.4.3 Tesla Mobile App update:

  • Powerwall customers participating in Grid Services programs now know when their systems are benefiting the grid and can track Grid Services energy and power usage.
  • Storm Watch: for Powerwall customers with backup and in selected regions, Tesla will automatically detect incoming storms and store energy.
  • Model 3 owners can access support videos about their vehicle features

Tesla Powerwall Firmware Updates and Tesla Mobile App Updates – July 2018

Source: teslamotorsclub.com via Electrek

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3 Comments on "Tesla Adds Storm Watch Mode To Powerwall"

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Seems like a smart feature to have. Love it!

This is the type of value-add that makes Tesla so desirable.

It would be more useful if it disconnected the house from the grid to protect from lighting strikes.
Full charge is not really useful if the powerwall and all connected mains electric devices are destroyed.