Tesla Adds Asia To Supercharger Map


Tesla's Site Shows 2 Superchargers In Asia As Of Today

Tesla’s Site Shows 2 Superchargers In Asia As Of Today

We reported direct from China on Tesla’s first two Asian Superchargers, which were revealed at Auto China 2014.

Those two units, both in Shanghai, China, feature solar canopies and energy storage systems.  We believe that all of the Superchargers in China will be of this type.

Now, courtesy of Tesla’s updated Supercharger map, we see an “Asia” category in which we can look upon some “coming soon” Superchargers.

The image below shows those “coming soon” units, as well as the two in operation in Shanghai.  For now, only China is included in the Asia category of Tesla’s supercharger site, but at least we see that Tesla is planning to expand its Supercharger rollout in some of China’s most populated cities.

"Coming Soon" Map Shows

“Coming Soon” Map Shows 14 Superchargers


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Wouldn’t it have made more sense to place them contiguously along the coast to connect the most affluent cities BJ, SH and HK?

I wonder who makes those location decisions.

Common sense?

It’s for people. Not for “nomansland” between large cities.

The official ideology is that “people” charge at home or close to home while the 5% SC use happens “on the road”.

“The road” is indeed fairly empty and happens to be in the noman’s land between major cities.

In eastern China there are no “nomansland” anyway. =)

Surely they will put chargers all the way from Beijing down to Guangzhou (or rather all the way down to Hainan). But in reality people wouldn’t drive that long when you can fly or go by the excellent and extensive high speed rail.

Tesla has people to evaluate sites/locations. I don’t think Elon is throwing darts in his office.

Maybe they did traffic studies & charging studies to see where the most effective locations would be. We don’t have the data.

I agree. He only connected the coast first in the US to make a statement. The real use of SCs will be business trips between 4-6 hours thus IMO, placing the chargers accordinglly

And it’s not that hard to do those evaluations anyway. I did it in 30 minutes for my country and regions and put up some suggestions for super chargers before the official plan and they were more or less exactly where they will be built when looking at “coming soon” now.
With just some basic local knowledge the choices are often pretty logical.

Will that be SuperChargers with 8-12 charging slots only? In a city with 10 mio+ population, pathetic.

Expandable.. build per demand. Not a whole lot of Teslas in China right now.

8 to be precise…