Tesla Model S Resale Value Guarantee Program Now Includes 11 Countries In Europe


Six months ago, Tesla was undecided on whether or not to extend its Model S “Resale Value Guarantee” Program to countries in Europe.

Just yesterday, Tesla officially announced that “Resale Value Guarantee” is now available in 11 European markets.

Here’s the Tesla post making it official:

A Peace of Mind Guarantee

The Tesla Motors Team March 11, 2015

We recognise that many European drivers prefer to lease their automobiles, personally or through their company, so we now offer the Tesla Resale Value Guarantee in all 11 European markets where we sell Model S.

The Tesla Resale Value Guarantee, when combined with a loan or a hire purchase from select partners, combines the security and comfort of ownership with all the advantages of a traditional lease. Like Model S, we designed the programme to provide maximum benefit to customers. Tesla guarantees that the resale value of Model between months 36 and 37 will be among the highest of any premium saloon made in volume.

Along with peace of mind, customers benefit from numerous cost savings including compelling monthly payments, market incentives, the ability to use Tesla’s Supercharger network for free, long distance road trips and zero petrol costs.

And below are some of the details, via Tesla Motors:

tesla 1tesla 2tesla 3

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Is this kind of like a return policy and does it also apply if you paid cash?

Else, and I’m just curious, what is the return policy for a Model S if someone wanted to return it?