Tesla To Add 18 Destination Chargers In Australia

AUG 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Motors has entered into a partnership with Secure Parking in Australia to rollout destination charging points.

18 spots (two units at each of nine locations) will be available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Tesla owners will be able to charge their cars for free while parking, although parking itself isn’t free.

The first nine locations are just the beginning, as national rollout is also planned.

Destination charging points:




Garth Matthews, Founder and Joint Chief Executive Officer, Secure Parking said:

“Being at the forefront of the electric car revolution, we knew creating Destination Charging sites with Tesla aligns with our own goals of being the most technically advanced car park operator in the country.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, with many of our industry-leading technologies adopted by other parking operators in Australia, so we’re excited to be the first Australian car park operator to be a part of the Tesla Destination Charging program and provide its owners with dedicated High Power Wall Connectors within our parking bays.”

Heath Walker Marketing and Communication Manager, Tesla Australia said:

“The Secure Parking locations further expands the Destination Charging program across the Eastern Seaboard in prominent CBD locations. This provides our customers with free and convenient charging locations when not charging at home.”

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Adding ‘Destination Charging’ to a Supercharger station, so users could use them for local acces, or adding ‘Limited time free parking while charging’ at superchargers, could deal with excessive use parking issues, at least in part.

Having Free Charging, but paying for parking over 45 minutes at Superchargers could be a way to solve the unreasonable over usage, particular in regards to users who stay at superchargers longer than needed to charge up.

I like that they put them in pairs at each spot. Probably 3 spots in each city is decent for Tesla’s with their range, plus they can use their J1772 Adapters at other Public Charging Stations if required. (If needed in Australia, that is.)

Next, a few such points in cities in between these points, for travel and Touring.

One hundred years ago, Standard Oil built fueling stations, thus making the car companies and the consumers dependent.

What is your point? You know you can charge your Tesla at home too, right?

That’s a cheap & easy way to expand their charging infrastructure.

But if the Aussies want to be taken seriously with EVs, they need to ditch Tony Abbott ASAP and get some EV incentives. They’ve got great solar resources for charging up EVs for free (much to the dismay of their massive coal industry.)