Tesla Autopilot 8.1 Software Update Finally Released For Second Gen Hardware Vehicles

Tesla Autopilot


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot 8.1

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot 8.1 (17.11.3) – Screenshots appear below

Elon Musk announced that Tesla Autopilot 8.1 would finally appear at the end of March. True to his word, it has arrived. Posters on Reddit have verified that they have received the update, and there’s proof in the pictures.

The Tesla Autopilot 8.1 rollout is only for those with the Autopilot 2.0 hardware. Basically, the update ups the Autosteer speed limit, from 55 mph to 80 mph. However, Tesla indicated that the camera will need to be calibrated prior to using Autosteer at high speeds. This update is one in a series of others that brings the 2.0 hardware to parity with the gen 1 hardware. Tesla’s warning reads:

“Model S requires calibration before you can use Autosteer at driving speeds greater than 55 mph. Until the vehicle has finished calibrating, which takes automatically over several days of driving on well-marked highways.”

Apparently the update doesn’t have any affect on the improving the user interface. Though, this process is also in the works, as part of the incremental update series.

Those with 2.0 hardware should now be able to use Summon, which was previously unavailable in the second gen vehicles. Although, as you can see in the release notes below, it is labeled as Summon (Beta). Auto Lane Change was added and is also covered in the notes.

DCoulson on Reddit uploaded some pictures of the release notes:

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot 8.1 Release Notes

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot 8.1 Release Notes

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot 8.1 Release Notes

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot 8.1 Release Notes

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot 8.1 Release Notes

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Does this include the Linux kernel update that was rumored for v8.1 ?

Seems like the browser version is the same. Presumably the kernel upgrade got pushed back.

Shocking! 😉

Did it pick up automatic braking too (read end collision prevention) to match HW1.0 vehicles?

Is there a site where I can find definitive production dates (month/year) for Model S with no AP hardware, some AP hardware, AP2.0, etc.?

The dates are only rough; starting in Q4 of 2014 for AP, and Q4 of 2016 for AP2. In serial numbers, that’s about 69,XXX for AP1, and 159,XXX for AP2.

I think LTE is supposed to benefit from the 8.1 upgrade. Browser speeds are nowhere near a tethered phone, to a tablet, even with LTE.

Thanks – that’s close enough. Just looking at used S prices…they are coming down with the dual-motor and AP upgrades and cancellation of the new S60s, and now with the 3 on the way…

If you don’t care for dual motors and AP, a P85 from 2013 and about 40k miles is already down to $51.5k on Tesla’s CPO page! Those prices are going to drop like stones, regardless of mileage, as the year rolls on…

Good to see Tesla finally upgraded HW 2.0 to be as good as HW 1.0!

Now, about those claims for fully autonomous driving, both on highways and on city streets, within just a year or two… I’ll believe it when I see it. I still think what we’ll actually see is gradually increasing autonomous driving in certain areas and conditions, with other areas (for example, some bridges) and some conditions (snow on the ground) requiring human driving.

Did they?

There’s no mention of automatic braking.

I’d love to see a rundown of what was added. Because it seems like a few features are still missing.

Model 3. Think about it. We are paying for a car that is totally equipped to use all aspects of Autopilot???? Paying for something some of us have no intentions of ever activating. Imagine how much that equipment, wiring, and installation time costs to put on the car and how much less the car could cost to consumers who don’t want autopilot. The car doesn’t come with Smart Air Suspension, it has to be ordered and installed. The car doesn’t come with High Fidelity Sound, it has to be ordered and installed. So why Autopilot on every single car?? Why include that cost on every single car to every person purchasing the car.

Ok I feel better now…. Where’s my Model 3???

Don’t forget, just because you don’t want or use it doesn’t mean Tesla doesn’t want or use it. I’ve read that even if you are not using it, Tesla is still capturing information from this system, especially looking at the way drivers handle some situations. So your Model 3, even if you don’t activate it, will be using all these sensors to inform Tesla about decisions you make as a driver in all sorts of circumstances, which will ultimately improve autopilot for all those owners who do activate and use it.
You have been assimilated!

Tesla is still feeling the pain of being dumped by Mobileye. In the end it will be OK.

in colorado 3/31 still no update here…