Tesla 3rd Gen Car Gets A Name – Tesla Model III; Roadster To Get Upgrade To 400 Miles

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Tesla Has Promised A $35,000 (ish), 200 Mile EV In 2017

Tesla Has Promised A $35,000 (ish), 200 Mile EV In 2017

The most anticipated electric car on the planet is Tesla’s 3rd generation car.

And it has had a few working names over the past few years; BlueStar, Model E.  But Auto Express has heard directly from Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk what the car will officially be called:

The Tesla Model III … or Model 3 if you will.

It turns out that the original plan was indeed to go with the Model E…which would have spelled out “SEX” if you included it with the current Model S and shortly upcoming SUV based on the same platform Model X, but Ford’s legal team put an end to that.  Still, “S3X” is still in play!

Tesla Confirms Model 3 Naming...via Twitter Of Course

Tesla Confirms Model 3 Naming…via Twitter Of Course

Reports Mr. Musk via Auto Express:

“We had the model S for sedan and X for crossover SUV, then a friend asked what we were going to call the third car. So I said we had the model S and X, we might as well have the E.

“We were going to call it model E for a while and then Ford sued us saying it wanted to use the Model E – I thought this is crazy, Ford’s trying to kill sex! So we’ll have to think of another name.  The new model is going to be called Model III, we’ll have three bars to represent it and it’ll be S III X!”

Roadster Owners Can Expect A Range Upgrade Offered By Tesla - To 400 Miles!

Roadster Owners Can Expect A Range Upgrade Offered By Tesla – To 400 Miles!

The Tesla Model III is expected to debut in 2017 on an all-new, smaller platform.  Among the car’s features will be a 200 mile range and a price-point starting in the mid $30,000 dollar range.

The Tesla CEO didn’t stop there when it came to new information, Mr. Musk also stated that the current Tesla Roadster will be offered a “range upgrade” package soon that will see the existing (up to) 244 mile range expand to about 400 miles!

“The Roadster had an old generation battery.  We’ll upgrade it to a new generation battery pack and it should have a range of about 400 miles, which will allow you to drive from LA to San Francisco non-stop.”

Auto Express

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Clever, same E as used it the company’s logo name, but on it’s side, i like it.

Musk did promise to us that it would be better. It’s clever and I’m a bit impressed that “SEX” or something close has not been toatlly abandoned. I doubted if that was possible when he said he would come up with something, but it works. I’ve been (religously) reading Tesla news for years and still have not learnt that there’s no use betting against Elon Musk.

Given the name Model III and to follow your angle on trying for the sex appeal, of course the next two models will be the Model VI and IX.

So the fourth Tesla model after the Roadster the S and the X will be called the Model 3 ?! Brilliant !

As long as the model designations still spell S3X we will be OK 😉

Model Y! It gotta be!

I don’t remember hearing of a Ford Y Series.

*Model Y for the new Roadster.

They already filed for model Y. I think it is intended for a CUV on the III platform. S III X Y is the lineup.

I’m sexy and I know it…

I suppose it could be considered the third platform (S & X counting as one) .. or alternatively the third ground-up Tesla car.

I think it was mostly so Tesla could keep S3X though.

Seems like Tesla is not counting the Roadster in the Model line. Per Autoexpress:

“‘We had the model S for sedan and X for crossover SUV, then a friend asked what we were going to call the third car,’ Musk told us. ‘So I said we had the model S and X, we might as well have the E.'”

Both are correct. The Model III is the third uniquely Tesla vehicle, and it is the third platform for the company (Roadster GenI, Model S Gen II (and variants like the X), and now Model III (GenIII and future variants).

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


Wonder if the Roadster motor will get improvements as well?

It stands for ‘third generation’.

Great news all around! I like Model III spelled out with Roman Numnerals! Models S III X LOL!

Particularly if it’s rotated 90 degrees…

I wonder how much the battery for the roadster will cost?

I’m guessing its an 80kWh battery, so around $20,000-32,000 ($250-400/kWh). Depends if Tesla includes Supercharger support and network access.

If this is true that they are going to start offering 400 mile range battery packs to replace the old 240 mile packs in the old 2008 Teslas. What this will bring about is the destruction of the Hydrogen car if Tesla still has their free supercharger access. Along with that if you have your own solar power system at home you could in theory never go to a gas station or a charging station ever again.

Granted I think with a 400 mile range Tesla if you live in a apartment a public charging station will still be useful.

I wounder would Tesla build 200 mile range batteries to upgrade leafs and Mitsubishi i-miev’s with too. In that going from 240 to 400 miles on a battery charge means they have more energy dense cells especially as a after market product for a car made in 2008.

Electric Car Guest Drive

If Tesla doesn’t, someone else will.

As of now there is no Roadster access to the SuperCharger network, and none is planned. Of course that could change.

The issue with roadster Supercharging isn’t likely the batteries or the pack, but the thermal issues from the super fast recharging.

I would have thought that the main issue with the Roadster accepting supercharging would be stuffing that much power that quickly into the batteries, and that the old ones could not handle it.

I am open to information which shows otherwise, but on the face of it I would guess that they can make the Roadster supercharge compatible with the new batteries if they chose to.

That’s my assumption, otherwise I figured that they would have provided a retro-fit a long time ago.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Roadster also has liquid-cooling for the batteries I believe. If that’s the case, then presumably the upgrade will be a whole-system swap where they drop down the drivetrain and replace it altogether, with a Supercharger socket and all. I can’t see it going for less than $25k after core charge.

They’d likely need a bigger radiator too even with liquid pack cooling. Or just limit supercharging to a 1C rate to keep the temperatures down.

Yes, the Roadster has always had liquid heating/cooling.


Nice. Go forward. I’ll put my deposit down when the time comes.

I’m still a Roadster fan.
That’s good news .
I thought Lotus quit giving them bodies.
Where will the new Roadster body come from?

Electric Car Guest Drive

Upgrade to existing Roadster, not new Roadster.

Musk promised a new Roadster, which is not what they are talking about here. The new Roadster will be based on the Model III platform – presumably smaller and more agile than the larger platform on which the S and X sit.

Now if I was George Clooney, I would be kicking myself! Oh, what if Clooney happened to own a FCEV by now? That would be sore!

Called it: Check the Tape. Model III


Well Done! +1

Also, how the hell did you change your avatar pic?

Maybe we’ve been saying Model X wrong all this time and it’s actually the Model “10”

It’s the “Model 3” rather than the “Model 4” because it’s the third in the line of cars originally envisioned by the founders of Tesla Motors. The plan for the Model X came along later. And as a reminder, the founders of TM were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning… not that Johnny-come-lately Elon Musk, despite what he has started claiming.

As noted in the article, what’s now being called the “Model 3” was formerly given the internal company name “BlueStar” before it was dubbed the “Model E” or “Gen III”. That was back when what became the Model S was code named “WhiteStar”.

When asked, Musk does not correct interviewers when they claim he founded Tesla Motors.

In a long presentation by Tarpenning, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf15nMnayXk (and below), he claimed it was Musk that wanted to push for lower priced, higher volume vehicles. He and Eberhard’s intent was only to produce the Roadster.

Whatever . . . those guys just took the idea straight from the TZero.

It’s GenIII because it’s the third platform! The Roadster was a one-off deal on a re-engineered Lotus frame (GenI), then they developed their own platform with the Model S, upon which any number of vehicles could be made (GenII), and then the GenIII is a smaller platform, again with many possible variations.

Not complicated.

I wonder if the 3 bars will be tipt on its side (like the E in tesla)

This is what I assume.

I dunno, I kind of like it like this.

It looks like it’s on a Leaf…

It was from a black Model S originally. I think it’s just how the light is reflecting.

Methinks it will be: Tesla Model ☰

That would be cool.

I like it.

Kinda leaves the X out in the cold tho….

If Ford didn’t like Model E, I imagine BMW won’t like Model 3 or III. Oh well.

I thought the same thing about Mazda as well with their Mazda 3. May get a little confusing.

Same here.

Ford is coming out with a car called the Model E?

screw ford

The Roadster upgrade is fascinating, even if, as someone pointed out above, we don’t know the price yet.

I’ve been waiting with more than a little interest to see what the offerings will be for replacement batteries. We recently got the news of the $5,500 swap for a Leaf, which was a significantly lower price than I would have predicted. Now we have this news on the Tesla Roadster. I wonder when we’ll hear about third-party upgrades to various EVs? My guess is that it will happen, but not for a while yet, as there’s simply not enough of any one model on the road, even Leafs, to justify the R&D and marketing expense. Plus, I’m sure the car manufacturers will do their best to block third party upgrades — think ink jet printer companies trying to prevent customers from using cheaper, third-party ink cartridges.

The TMC board is buzzing about the news, half are ecstatic and half would have been happier with SuperCharging over the longer range (more expensive) battery.

The TMC Connect event is this weekend, which is probably the largest gathering of current Roadster owners. I am sure they will pull more details (price, SuperCharging?, weight, etc.) out of Tesla.

I sincerely doubt that the Roadster upgrade would not include SC access – that would be idiotic on Musk’s part.

I think it’s great that Tesla makes their 1st car the 1st to get a 400 mile range option. I can’t believe they wouldn’t give it Supercharging. Surely, whatever kept the Roadster from being SC compatible can be corrected with a new battery pack.

In addition to the battery, it would have to be new charging hardware and a new charge port. Model S and Roadster do not use the same plug. Gutting all of that and replacing it all sounds like lots of man hours = $$$$$.

It would be great if they surprised us though.

Right now there are more then enough EV’s to sustain a after market product market. In that Corvettes despite them being in low numbers have a large aftermarket segment set up for them.

The number of Nissian Leafs on the roads for example is quickly passing the number of Corvettes on the road.

Personally I wish Musk had given Ford the finger and let it go through the courts.

I don’t think Ford has a reasonable claim to something they haven’t used in what, 80 years? Do they have ANY cars called “Model ….” in their lineup?

this shouldn’t cause any kind of brand confusion… “Hey, I thought I was getting a Ford Model E and look what showed up!”.

I think Tesla is pressed for time though in terms of picking an official name. It’s hard to tell how long the lawsuit would last and supposedly there was some agreement signed for the Model S name (Ford previously also had a car with that name) which may limit Tesla’s options in such a lawsuit.

I think Ford filed an intent to use the Model T / Model E a couple months before/after Tesla.

S3X… then S3XY… and then the Model R for Roaster comes and make it S3XY-R 😉


yadda yadda S X III whatever !

I think Tesla still has certified used Roadsters for sale on their website. They might even upgrade any that they have when the time comes.

It can also be written like this:
Tesla Model ☰

(Apparently the symbol ‘☰’ may also represent the word ‘HEAVEN’.)


***mod edit*** link picture cannot be embed due to size proportions – but it looks nice!***mod edit***

Either meaning is apt.

The pic does look pretty sweet!