Tesla 2nd Gen Roadster Y Imagined, Looks Fierce

JUN 28 2017 BY STAFF 10

Tesla Roadster Y gets us in the mood for the next gen drop-top (rendered by Vinicius Buch)

With the Tesla Model 3 due to arrive in just about 4 weeks, and the Model Y compact utility in ~2019, the last thing on CEO Elon Musk’s mind right now is to start promoting the 2nd generation of Roadster.

For Tesla, that is what the Internet is for.

Enter Vinícius Buch, who has put his vision, and considerable rendering skills, to work on Tesla’s still “some year’s away” Roadster.

Tesla Roadster Y looking sleek…but perhaps not Tesla-y (rendered by Vinicius Buch)

Does Buch’s design hold true to the “Tesla design look” of today?

No, about the only thing the Roadster Y has in common with the yet to be fully-revealed Tesla Model Y, is the lack of side mirrors.

Still, its gets us in the mood to imagine what Tesla might roll out for us to ogle in ~2021.  As we know the next generation Roadster will have a convertible top, and likely a 0-60 mph time of about 2 seconds.

Only thing we could really do without for sure?  That rear charge port location – a total non-starter for us. Otherwise, a nice distraction in our day by Vinícius Buch.

Tesla Roadster Y (rendered by Vinicius Buch)

Gallery (below):  More Tesla Roadster Y renders by Buch

Images via Vinícius Buch

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous



I Love it. No accounting for taste I suppose.

I don’t like it, too chunky, make it sleek … please!

Anyone know the ratio of Tesla renders this site has articles on vs every other manufacturer’s renders aggregated? I suspect there are a ton more Tesla’s.

Oh, no, there are way more renders of the next-gen Prius on this site. They are simply labeled Tesla so more people will look at them.

I support the arts, and I enjoy the entertainment value of these drawings. However, unless InsideEVs posts only renderings from automotive design firms with a reputation as having designed cars in the past, this website is rapidly turning into the kitchen refrigerator of proud parents of some design college kid.

There’s no Tesla design language on these renderings. It is unsafe, there is a lot of loss in aerodynamics, the headlights don’t match, all I really see is some kid slapping the Tesla logo onto his Sophomore automotive design class final project. Sad thing is this reminds me of designs from the 90’s, but with a lot less color. Belongs in Rush 2049.

OMG, this. You win the comment thread.

Now if we could also cut down on the dash cam footage and drag race results…

No no no!

Seriously? Fenders so swollen that the driver couldn’t even see over them? Is this a virtual concept car or a subtle joke?

Other than that… it looks like a lot of actual concept cars. That is, it’s certainly sleek and futuristic looking, but so utterly impractical that we can be absolutely certain it never would become an actual production car.

The lack of roll bar is another sign that the designer had no consideration at all for practicality or safety.

And what’s up with auto designers so often putting wheels on concept cars which don’t even remotely resemble wheels on production cars?

Why do they waste time doing this?