Tesla Has Over 1,600 Job Openings (w/video)

DEC 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Completed Tesla Gigafactory Rendering

Completed Tesla Gigafactory Rendering

Tesla Motors is growing quickly in California with its Fremont Tesla Factory and recently at its Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

Besides large manufacturing facilities, Telsa has a network of stores and service centers around the world, as well as its charging network.

Around 14,000 employees joined Tesla full-time (from 899 in 2010), but approximately 1,656 job openings are still waiting to be filled, according to the latest reports.

Tesla is now hiring for all sorts of jobs (excluding perhaps CEO, CTO and few more high-level spots).

Taking into consideration the sales goals of 500,000 cars annually and all those energy storage systems, the number of job openings in the future could be counted in tens of thousands.

See the full list of jobs here.

Tesla Motors full-time employees

Tesla Motors full-time employees (via Bloomberg)

source: Bloomberg

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Now all I need is a million years experience in something that I didn’t know existed and some collage degree I didn’t know existed for something and I could most like get my resume in the door and then have it thrown out after we and five other interviewers go though the Tesla factory death maze.

But wait a minute I live in Virginia we have no green energy jobs in anything cool.

GE’s Salem Virginia factory seems to have openings. They support both wind and natural-gas plant related components, but I assume the former’s portion is increasing.

Took me 2 minutes in Google. I’m sure there’s more.

Coal and oil states need to lure green energy companies to replace coal and oil jobs ASAP.

Sadly, most of the oil industry workers I know have ideologically self-selected themselves from EVER working any job related to anything green.

They won’t retrain from oil to green energy. Most of them think that would be as sacrilegious as a Pope who speaks out against Climate Change……

Hahaha where’s Bob Lutz and his weird “Tesla is in its last throes” conspiracy theory?

I ride the bus with a neighbor who’s originally from Reno. He just told me housing construction there is going bonkers in anticipation of the Tesla employee wave.

Well, I hope they adhere to proper environmental building standards in this boom 😉

And wire them for 240V chargers.

Lots of software jobs, I guess. The word so far is that Tesla is on the low side of the pay scale, apparently because of the honor of working there, or the stock, or a combination of factors.

I wouldn’t know. I applied and never heard from them a few years back. But I get passed over for lots of reasons, including my age.

Yeah. My brother-in-law got to the 3rd interview at Fremont. He was in the military and worked for Boeing as a software engineer and a team manager on the V-22 Osprey.

The other guy was young and hip with no experience but multiple engineering degrees. Guess which one got the position?

Don’t know if age and having a family had everything to do with it but it’s hard to imagine it didn’t play some part.

Who would you rather have working for you, a kid with multiple degrees and no experience or someone who learn from failures like that shown above and was able to take what was said to be impossible and make it deploy-able. I see Ospreys flying at least twice a month down here in SoCal.
Personally, I’ll take the engineer who has learned and accomplished the impossible.

I applied to them several times over several years with 25 years in high tech microprocessors. Not a peep out of them.

That is over 1600 jobs across the world. Lots of service jobs.

One thing I noticed is that fact that lots of openings are for Tesla Energy in California…

The large number of job openings is a reflection of a company growing its production at about 45% per year.

And it just makes me laugh to think of the unending stream of Telsa bashing posts over at Seeking Alpha (and other stock investor sites) which claim that Tesla is significantly inflating its production numbers, and suggest the company is on the verge of collapse.

🙂 🙂 🙂


I wish they had something in Pennsylvania that wasn’t retail based, and could match my current compensation package.