Tesla Opens 100th U.S. Supercharger


100 US Superchargers And Counting

100 US Superchargers And Counting (via Supercharge.info)

Despite Its Coming Soon Status, This Supercharger Has Been Confirmed To Be Online/Operational...So That's #100 For Tesla In The US.

Despite Its Coming Soon Status, This Supercharger Has Been Confirmed To Be Online/Operational…So That’s #100 For Tesla In The US.

Tesla Motors is now celebrating the opening of Supercharger #100 in the U.S.A.

Okay, maybe that’s not quite true.  We expect Tesla to officially announce the opening of Supercharger #100 in the US sometime soon, but we’ve got the jump on Tesla this time and can claim that Tesla’s 100th US Supercharger, located in Tifton, Georgia is now operational.

That’s quite a remarkable achievement for one automaker, especially when one considers that Tesla only began installing US Superchargers in September 2012.

Separately on Friday, Tesla announced that their Supercharging network had delivered more than 1 GWh of energy during just the month of June.  That number translates to roughly 3.7 million all-electric miles and 168,000 gallons of gas saved.

If you recall, Tesla celebrated the opening of it 100th Supercharger worldwide some 3 months ago with much fanfare in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

Now, there are 100 Superchargers in operation in the U.S.A alone.  Worldwide, the tally for Tesla Superchargers is now at 137.  Our congrats to Tesla for this remarkable charging station achievement.

Editor’s note:  It looks like there has been a little ‘media wrangling’ at Tesla as their Supercharging site was updated (July 12th) to put the 100th Supercharging site for North America in Squamish, British Columbia Canada (still no Tifton (and another  new US location) despite being active for some time)…even though chronologically that appears to be false. But whatever – congrats to Canada on Supercharging station #1

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Though only 2 went live in US in July (but I’m quite confident it will accelerate a lot, soon…), in Europe the situation has been different: 12 new SCs in July (10 days)!
These include 2 more SCs in France (total 4), not yet on supercharge.info map.

For those who like details:
this means the total is actually 139, or 138 if we consider that on the mentioned website is indicated as live a third SC in the Netherlands, just a few km away from an “old” one, not reported on Tesla’s website. It’s the one in Tilburg, where a Tesla store and service center are present.
Looks like Tesla will not count that (it’s up since a few days).

From Tesla’s website point of view: 137 currently listed (including all 4 in France), with 99 in US. (So, 138 including the 100th not yet added there).

Last night I was watching the Activity on PlugShare as a block of seven superchargers appeared in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany. Pretty cool.

Interestingly the ones in the Southwest are lingering… in winter when the first tortuous path through that region opened and the plans for more were known, I was sure that long before summer shorter paths would be available. There are some that have been “in permit” or “in construction” for months now.

Well, it’ll happen sooner or later… at this point I just hope we’ll see ChaDeMo/multistandard networks with coverage that resembles this, relative to the Leaf’s range (which means, *way* more dense than now).

Tesla is in a Supercharger slump right now. SCs are very slowly trickling out – about 1 every 10 days. I’m not sure what has happened inside Tesla but it appears they aren’t focused on it at all. No way they will make 200 by the end of the year. They will be lucky to get to 125 at the current rate.

I kind of think Tesla might be having some internal trouble with fiances for the time being. The reason for this is the model X has become a money pit with delay after delay. And at the same time this is going on Tesla is right now in the process of getting together billions of dollars which is no small task. Tesla needs the billions of dollars for the third generation Tesla and the Giga battery factory. So as of now it would make sense Tesla is having problems setting up super chargers.

Remember the Musk patent release. Sure he did it for all the reasons he stated, plus one he didn’t. He needs investors or partners to help him build this worldwide charging infrastructure.

There are currently 141 superchargers (people actually live outside of the US, ya know). I’ll likely hit 175 by the end of the year. Great accomplishment in such a short period of time!

The 100th North American station is now open. In Canada, our first!

Where did that map come from? Tesla’s website is not that detailed with info.

Today was another mile marker crossed in that today was the first time I have ever seen a Tesla park at the place I work. As for the Tesla it is a car that I have never seen before which brings the number of Teslas in my area up to four.

What I’ve noticed now about the Teslas and the other pure electric cars is that they are starting to outnumber the plug in hybrids.

5 more Superchargers added worldwide yesterday (11 July):

– the 101st in US
– the 1st in Canada
– the 4th in China
– the 5th in France
– the 11th in Germany

Still 99 reported as open in US on Tesla’s website (plus the one in BC, makes 100 in North America).
Two more already reported on Supercharge.info in US (Tifton,GA and Wickenburg,AZ).

Total worldwide now at 143.
(141 as per Tesla’s website, +2 more in US)