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Tesla Service Is #1

Tesla Service Is #1|(via Elon Musk’s Twitter)

With a score of 93 overall, Tesla is ranked #1 in service in the latest Consumer Reports survey of owners.

Though falling 7 points shy of a perfect score, Tesla is the only automaker with the top rating in all four categories: quality, price of repair, timeliness and courtesy.

Receiving the top rating in price of repair runs counter to the various reports that claim the Model S is extremely costly to fix, so we assume those reports are either mostly bogus, or just rare occurrences where repairs happen to be costly.  As the survey results show, the price of repair for a Model S is typically low, probably free most of the time since it’s warranty work.

This #1 service rating for Tesla comes despite naysayers insisting that automaker-owned service centers are not beneficial to consumers.  All of the other listed brands that were beaten by Tesla employ the traditional franchised dealership model.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is proud of Tesla’s service rating:

Musk Tweet

Musk Tweet

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Nobody with Model S is outside the 4 year warranty yet, so the jury is still out of repair cost IMO. But I have no doubt they are #1 in the other categories.

Numerous people are outside the 50,000 mile part of the warranty and not all of them have opted for the extended warranty to 100,000 miles. I’m almost at 50,000 miles and I’ll probably spring for the extended warranty because there are still lots of expensive bits that aren’t covered by the unlimited mileage warranty. And I want to get my hands on a P85D loaner 😉

I doubt that anyone didn’t opt for the extended warranty, with the well known issues of frequent drive train and contactor failures. Most Model S cars are driven very little, and kept only as a showpiece. The ones with over 50000 miles are statistically insignificant.

Data please.

“See Through” isn’t interested in facts or Truth, he’s just here to bash Tesla.

SEE Through doesn’t do DATA. If he did it would make a mockery of the repetitive lies he tells regarding Tesla!

>Most Model S cars are driven very little, and kept only as a showpiece.

Are you still here? Isn’t there better trolling to be had elsewhere?

Here is at least one person that didn’t buy the extended warranty: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/34738-Extended-warranty (contactors and drive units are already covered for eight years and unlimited miles on 85 kWh Teslas).

And you can see examples of plenty of high-mileage Model S’s here: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/13310-Lifetime-Average-Wh-mi/page131

Heck, there is even one for sale in my neck of the woods with over 50,000 miles:

Thanks for the facts.

I haday for retrofitt as folding mirrors and center console, great service and not that expensive, in fact the folding mirror were quoted $1900 and at the time of pick up the bill was $1100 because my car has the wires needed. I bet that any other dealer would be that honest after you acceptuthe initial quote.

Elon says “best in the world”, except Consumer Reports isn’t international, they are only comparing US available brands. “Best in the US” is more accurate.

Actually, according to Consumer Reports’ guidelines, Elon Musk is not allowed to phrase it the way he does.

Quoting Consumer Reports:

“In accordance with these values, we encourage linking to any of our free content, as long as the link is not surrounded by language promoting or advertising a specific product or service.


Not Acceptable: We would not grant permission for a company to say on its corporate or social media website, “Consumer Reports just rated us number one. Click here for the story.”

Acceptable: A company could use neutral language and say for example, “Consumer Reports has an article on our product. Click here for more information.”

We are absolutely sorry that consumer report rated us number one in service. Would that fit?

Eric Loveday (author of this article) said:

“Actually, according to Consumer Reports’ guidelines, Elon Musk is not allowed to phrase it the way he does.”

Well, thank goodness Consumer Reports isn’t King of the World; nor do its lawyers write Copyright law. CS has no legal, ethical, or moral right to tell anybody they can’t use brief quotes from their articles (so long as such use isn’t defamatory).


I don’t think any other manufacturer has an infinite mile warranty, which, while it sounds impressive is a bit of a misnomer, since no one has ever or will ever drive infinite miles. Still:

Re the price of repair: I haven’t seen any collective data on the subject, but from anecdotal reports from actual Tesla Model S owners, my impression isn’t that Tesla’s prices for repair and service are as cheap as getting, say, your Chevy or your Honda fixed. What a lot of owners are comparing costs to is similar service from dealers selling other makes of $100k+ luxury sedans, such as Mercedes-Benz or Porsche.

“The plural of anecdote is data.” 🙂

best car ever, tesla is the best

Nice result and a new way in looking after a customer!