Tesla Is #1 Again On Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction Survey


Tesla gets top marks from consumers in satisfaction (San Francisco store shown)

Tesla gets top marks from consumers in satisfaction (San Francisco store shown)

After declaring the Tesla Model X as “flawed” and dropping its “Recommended” status for the Model S and X due to reliability issues (note: the S later regained recommendation from CR), Tesla probably didn’t expect to received a #1 ranking from Consumer Reports ever again.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X was found slightly wanting by an earlier Consumer Reports review

Well, just yesterday Consumer Reports released its Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey and, once again, Tesla was on top.  Of course results here are from consumers themselves and not the review magazine.

Before we jump to the rankings, let us first post how Consumer Reports gathers and accesses the data:

“Our brand rankings represent owner sentiment across each brand’s product line. (Model satisfaction is determined by the percentage of owners who responded “definitely yes” to the question of whether they would buy the same vehicle if they had it to do all over again.) To determine brand love—or disdain—we took a straight average of the satisfaction score for each brand’s models.”

“In order to qualify, the brand had to have at least two models with data. For this analysis, we focused on cars from model years 2014-2017 to represent the current state of the brands, which included over 300,000 vehicles from the survey.”

Consumer Reports notes that the top 4 spots remained unchanged from last year with the rundown being Tesla, Porsche, Audi and Subaru. Tesla’s score of 91% owner satisfaction puts it a full 8 percentage points ahead of Porsche, which is the only other automaker to score 80% or higher.

One last note we should point out is that ranking on this chart has no connection to Consumer Reports evaluation of individuals models, nor is there a definitive tie between satisfaction rankings and reliability.

Here’s a look at the Top 20 brands in Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey:

Top 20 Brand In Consumer Reports' Owner Satisfaction Survey

Top 20 Brand In Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction Survey

Source: Consumer Reports

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Well in general the more expensive the car the higher satisfied you should be. This is why Porsche and Tesla fared so well. I think Tesla than gets an aditional EV bonus, cause EVs are just nice to own and drive. And maybe to be honest some fanboy bonus as well. Nevertheless regarding the many issues Model S had and Model X has, its impressive. Seems like Teslas service is really good. Interested how ratings are, when Tesla sells cheaper cars (M3) to a broader interest group and their cars get older and have issues out of warranty.

Except expensive Mercedes ranks low and Subaru, Toyota and Honda rank high.

I’m surprised by BMW. They used to have a pretty devout following.

The Giant Has awoken (the People) BMW Entry Models Become a Money Pit Once the Warranty expires..They are CHEAP & BREAK TOO OFTEN and people are waking Up to this fact..

That’s not the case. Subaru, Toyota, Chevy outrank far more expensive Lexus, BMW, Mercedes.

Am I blind (possible!), or is nissan not even on the list???

Nissan gets lower than 20th on the Totem Pole of CR customer satisfaction. I wonder if the Nissan “would by again” crowd is in the 60% category? I know for the 2016 Leaf SV in my particular case, I would Lease again, but certainly not buy. Lease is a hands down better value, as Leaf depreciation has to be about the highest among 3 year old used vehicles, EV or ICE.

Nope, Nissan at next to last at 28th, right in front of Fiat. Nissan in the 58% “would buy again” crowd. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Nissan has some catching up to do, obviously.

NISSAN has CVT transmission Issues , They break once the the warrantee expires & leaves the Owner Holding the Bag For a $6000.00 To $8500.00 Repair bill.. Buy any car with a CVT Transmission & you will be dealing with more transmission Issues than you ever Imagined.

My 09 Ford Escape Hybrid with 100k miles has been solid

Once again American Harvester did not make the list.

Damnit! LOL!

Or John Deere, either. Rats!

I’m not sure why Tesla wouldn’t expect to win again. High-priced items with a smug factor tend to do very well on these things. It’s well-placed to do well on a broad satisfaction survey. Most people don’t actually have a lot to compare their car to so if they like their car they rate it highly regardless of comparative merit.

And people like these cars. It certainly is one of the few ways to stop buying gas and a heck of a lot of people like that.

There IS some measure of ‘look at me’, but the main draw with Teslas seems to be the driving experience and overall ‘future techno-gadget’ feel of the car. Which is why I think many are more patient when it comes to getting all the pieces to work seamlessly.

I didn’t really mean “look at me” so much as “I’m proud of myself”. No need for others.

Yikes! Volvo?!

That’s what happens when they don’t make real plugins 🙂

Thanks for giving some explanation, Eric. Articles often suggest that Consumer Reports is flip-flopping, but they’ve been consistent all along. People just don’t know how their ratings work.

Owner satisfacton ratings come from owners. The road test narrative calling the Model X flawed is based on the editors’ subjective evaluation.

The Model X (like the Gen 2 Volt) is still “not recommended” because of below-average reliability. It will stay that way until reliability approves to at least average.

If we’re looking at individual vehicles, rather than automakers, the most satisfied owners are as follows, in order:

Model S
Audi Q7
Porche 911
Model X

A podium sweep for the USA.
Well done.

Consumer Reports said:
“To determine brand love—or disdain—we took a straight average of the satisfaction score for each brand’s models.”

Last year, the Model S received a score of 98% in Consumer Reports’ Owners Satisfaction Survey. If we assume that the Model S maintained its 98% owner satisfaction score for this year, then the Model X would have an 84% owner satisfaction score for Tesla to achieve a 91% brand average owner satisfaction score. ([98% + 84%]/2 = 182% ÷ 2 = 91% brand average score).


I was thinking the same thoughts. Model X really dragged down the score with the poor initial quality.

I did find the drop between last year’s Tesla customer satisfaction rating of 98%, and this rating of only 91%, to be quite surprising. So thanks, sven, for explaining the discrepancy.

I guess having money to buy a Tesla does not equate to having brains. Teslas are at most average cars with respect to reliability. I only buy above average cars like Toyotas.

Is this trollbait? Ooops, I just bit.

While I’m at it, when Toyota offers car that can zip to 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds and have the convenience of hundreds of miles of full range every morning so I don’t have to drive out of my way to “fuel up”, maybe I’ll consider Toyota again. Until then, I’ll save my brains from getting infected by touching the fueling handle that’s been sneezed on by sick people (happens often this time of year).

Well then, that settles it! EVERYBODY GIVE THOSE TESLAS BACK, NOW!!

Abegude Wanabe said:

“Teslas are at most average cars with respect to reliability. I only buy above average cars like Toyotas.”

That will be relevant if and when Tesla starts making cars that compete in the price range of Toyota cars. So long as Tesla is only making cars that compete in the price range of brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and Infiniti, then Tesla cars should only be compared with cars in that price category.

Not surprisingly, more expensive cars with more luxury gadgets and high-tech geegaws have more things that can go wrong, and therefore sometimes do.

One big caveat, many owners are now on their second or third car and are stockholders. Could there be any bias there?

Well, it kind of stands to reason, when you’re on your third car from a manufacturer, you MAY be partial to that make.

“One big caveat, many owners are now on their second or third car and are stockholders. Could there be any bias there?”

Name any brand of car, and odds are that a lot of car owners will be on their second or third car from that brand. So that’s not a bias which should affect the percentages.

Contrariwise, your question about Tesla investors is relevant. Yes, from posts I’ve read on the Tesla Motors Club forum, I do think that a higher than average percentage of Tesla drivers are also investors in Tesla stock. Yes, that does introduce a bias. How important is that bias, and how much does it affect the actual percentage? I think that would be a very difficult question to answer.

One thing is certain: As more and more Tesla cars are sold, the percentage of Tesla car owners who are also Tesla stock investors will drop. That will be especially true for buyers of the lower-priced Model ≡.

Tesla has three vehicles (does Roadster count), whereas other manufacturers have a dozen or more, so it is great people love their Tesla, but the reality is other manufacturers have a much larger range between their top of line quality cars and their econoboxes. I like the comment about individual models better, that makes more sense than the overall company. Although it does show some manufacturers leave something to be desired.

Outstanding work by Tesla. Their work is doing a lot to restore confidence in American automakers.

i love tesla and honestly after owning a model s and x, i would never not own one. but doesn’t mean i can’t own others. We are planning on leasing a bolt if we can find one within this year. But very surprised not to see bmw high on the list. Times are changing.

This really does show what a complete farce CR is – How can a car’s CR rating go up and down quicker than a tart’s drawers?