Terry Hershner, Every Electric Motorcycle Featured in Buyer’s Guide


With the release of it’s latest issue, The Electric Car Insider has compiled the “Electric Car Insider 2015 Electric Motorcycle Buyers Guide”, available, apparently, only in tree-unfriendly form at your local Barnes and Nobel – and other newsstands.

The e-motorcycle issue contains virtually every electric motorcycle available for sale in the western world. The cover features the Audi R8, Zero Motorcycle and Gocycle electric bike.  Long distance world record setting motorcyclist Terry Hershner is profiled.

Electric Motorcycle Buyer's Guide

Electric Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

The Electric Motorcycle Buyers Guide lists 36 motorcycles for sale or under development worldwide.

The magazine, around since about 2009 and led by Christopher Alan, funded the Buyer’s Guides through a Kickstarter campaign around December 2014, and is:

Christopher Allen, Publisher

Christopher Allen, Publisher

…a small group of long-time EV drivers and enthusiasts whose mission is the creation of a cleaner, sustainable, energy secure future. The first edition was created in 2009 with those goals in mind.We have driven EVs from Seattle to San Diego and back and have participated in events throughout the US in support of the EV community. Our team is dedicated to making a difference and doing our part to change the world, one zero emission mile at a time.

The publisher and producers of Electric Car Insider magazine also organize Electric Car Guest Drive events all over the U.S. The 2015 EV Buyers Guide will be a key component of the education mission of future Electric Car Guest Drive events.

…and yes.  We’re running right out to the local Barnes and Nobel for our soon-to-be autographed copy of the Terry Hershner profile, you can be sure!

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Thanks for the write-up Ted. It was great fun talking with Terry, he inspired me to start looking seriously at buying a Zero, recently visited Hollywood Electrics and Rocket.

I’ve even spent several afternoons reading up on Vetter’s fairings. I’ve wanted to build an electric velomobile for years, maybe now is the time.

The price on all Zeros just went down $1,350. Good time to get one!

I just picked up the Buyers Guide at B&N for $6.95. I was impressed by the range of the EV bikes that they reviewed. I think they covered just about every production and non-production electric motorcycle available (or not) on the market. Nice color photos, each bike gets a full page, a couple of paragraphs of description and a column listing performance and specifications. I think it is well worth picking up and keeping in your reference library so that years from now you can check out how many of these brands are still around then.