Terry Hershner, Craig Vetter Talk on “The Neal and Larry Show”


Neal, Terry, Craig and Larry

Neal, Terry, Craig and Larry (L-R)

Terry Hershner and the Vetterized 2012 Zero

Terry Hershner and the Vetterized 2012 Zero

This past Saturday afternoon we had a rare treat.  Terry Hershner and Craig Vetter got on “The Neal and Larry Show,” from Powertalk Radio in the Salinas, Santa Cruz and Monterey neighborhood (1460 AM and 101.0 FM) and chatted about all manner of things electric motorcycle and energy efficiency related.  Through the magic of the internet, you can listen too.

Click here to download the MP3 from the station’s archives, or, to stream it immediately go to this page, and look for “Show Notes – 10/4/14 – Vetter, Hershner and Transportation”.  It’s a good almost-hour of stuff you’re just not going to hear anywhere else.

The Neal and Larry Show is “…dedicated to the promotion of Self-Sufficiency in Architecture, Community and the Individual. We are dedicated to empowering people and communities to take back control of their lives and become masters of their own destinies.”  Masters of their own destinies?  We can’t think of many people who fit that description better than Terry Hershner and Craig Vetter.  Enjoy!

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