Tennis Champ Andy Murray Takes Delivery Of Jaguar I-Pace

JUN 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

One of the world’s first Jaguar I-PACE went to the two-time Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, who has fulfilled a promise he made during WWF’s World Earth Hour to ‘go electric’.

The car was delivered on World Environment Day by Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver, fellow WWF ambassador and InsideEVs contributor Nelson Piquet Jr.

The first electric Jaguar is rated at 298 miles (480 km) under WLTP test cycle and does 0-100km/h (62 mph) 4.8 seconds.

Andy Murray said:

“It’s important we all take small steps to live a more sustainable life and think about the actions we can make to look after our planet. This is one of the reasons I’m making the switch to driving Jaguar’s new all-electric I-PACE. It’s clean and safe, but also has the world class design and sports performance that suits my lifestyle.”

Nelson Piquet Jr, Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver, said:

“I think it’s brilliant that Andy has made this commitment to go electric and has been vocal in encouraging more people to take action and make little changes to live more sustainably.

“The Jaguar I-PACE is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice power or performance when you switch to electric.”

“Jaguar’s commitment to electrification is clearly demonstrated in the technological advancements they have made over the last couple of years, and their involvement in Formula E has been instrumental to that. It’s great to be part of this movement and to help promote and shape the future of battery electric vehicles,”

Jaguar I-Pace specs:

  • 90 kWh battery for up to 480 km (298 miles) of range (WLTP)
  • 0-100km/h (62 mph) 4.8 seconds / 0-60 mph (sec) 4.5 seconds
  • Top speed mph 200  km/h (124 mph)
  • two permanent magnet electric motors; synchronous – 400 PS (294 kW) total system output
  • all-wheel drive
  • 0-80% DC fast charging in 40 minutes using 100 kW CCS Combo
  • 0-100% AC charging using 7 kW 0n-board charger in nearly 13 hours
Andy Murray and Jaguar I-PACE
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Andy Murray and Jaguar I-PACE Andy Murray and Jaguar I-PACE Andy Murray and Jaguar I-PACE Andy Murray and Jaguar I-PACE

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I thought WLTP was supposed to be more accurate than the NEDC.

EPA range states 240mi, a 58mi difference.

realistically the I Pace may have a range around 220mi.

EPA has not rated I-Pace yet… I have a feeling Jaguar’s estimate is conservative… I will wait for the EPA, and Bjorn Nyland to do real testing to have a better idea about real range.

Because you are looking at the combined WLTP range. WLTP tests at different profiles. If you look at the extra high speed profile you will see even less range than the EPA rating because it is driven at speeds up to 130km/h (80mph).
The WLTP test is accurate and reflects each environment. The average out of these tests is less meaningful and can at best be used to compare cars of the same class. What is absolutely pointless is to compare the average number to the EPA number.

So is there an official WLTP average number for I-Pace? What does the 298 mile Jaguar keeps taking about mean?

That is the WLTP average. If more detailed figures ever will be available, who knows. I can’t find any either. But at the moment no one seems to know what to do since the WLTP cycle only just became a thing and is only applicable to cars coming on the market now.
What is clear is that this average number is not a good figure for guessing the maximum range at 70 or 80 mph or any sort of long distance driving. The range at those speeds will be substantially lower. If you are a driver with a fairly average usage pattern it will however reflect your average consumption. Which is what this test is more concerned about. They want to rank the cars by their real life foot print. It is a regulatory instrument not a customer advice.

298 is not too bad on the WLTP average. I think the EPA range will be over 250, once tested, Jag has been underestimating that number to make sure they do not disappoint customers when the real numbers come out, just like Chevy did on the Bolt.

Yeah, I drive a bit on the fast side, and I had been thinking real world I-Pace is good for 150 miles without having to sweat anything, and after that you better have a plan, with a backup plan. Our cabin is 98 miles from our house, it should be able to make that trip even in the worst snowy conditions.

Thats pretty cool, wonder if I will get Mitch Evans to deliver mine? haha!

He has no idea about the car, he just know electric and Jaguar. It’s seems like he is an A to B kinda guy.

He seems more like a Wimbledon trophies and Olympic medals kinda guy. Priorities.

Fully Charged in the I-Pace another review from a Tesla owner

“And you save so much money…” said Andy.

Well, I don’t think this is his main mojo, but who know!

Hope to see him back on the court soon thought.

What color is this one? From the photos it doesn’t look like any of the grays offered in the U.S. Is it only available in the EU?

Its Corris Grey ….. remember we have very grey skies in the UK so all colours will look different. You’ve probably noticed the same colour looks different in California compared to New England …..its the same just more extreme.

I didn’t even know this car was actually available for sale yet.

Its been available to order since 1st March – first normal customer deliveries (EU) July …. US Aug /Sept 2018.
Full configurator web site has been available in US from March 1st.