Tennessee Brings Back Plug-In Electric Car Rebate Program


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has decided to brings back the state’s electric car rebate program.

WPLN-FM reports that the “state had $682,000 left two years ago after shutting down the subsidies, which were approved five years ago under former Gov. Phil Bredesen. The funds have remained unspent.”

Those funds will now be put back out there for plug-in and hybrid cars buyers.

Tennessee buyers of plug-in electric cars will receive a $2,500 starting this June.  Hybrid buyers get $1,500.  The rebates will be issued until the $682,000 is depleted.

Program manager Molly Cripps commented:

“I mean, air quality is one piece, certainly. It is also to support not just Nissan, but any manufacturers of whether it be an electric vehicle or more sustainable transportation.”

Tennessee had originally set aside $2.5 million for the rebate program.  The state issued 727 rebates over a two-year time period before the program came to a halt.

To be eligible for the rebate, buyers must live in Tennessee and the purchase must be made at a dealership in the state.

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7 Comments on "Tennessee Brings Back Plug-In Electric Car Rebate Program"

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I wonder if Nissan had a little push in this…

This will only cover around 250-400 vehicle sales.

2016 Volt is scheduled to be available for order in TN on October 1. Presumably the updated 2016 LEAF will also be available later in the year. Curious if the rebates will survive until then.

better than nothin

I ‘d be pissed if I bought after they shut it down and then found out the money was still there for it.

Good for them. Let’s hope it doesn’t stop there. Remember, Tennessee has a horse in this race – as job creation is a major impetus for politicians to garner votes.

With the LEAF plant there in Smyrna, they had to do this. When states that don’t have an inherent interest in the success of the EV movement hop onboard with new incentives, this will be real news.

As a resident of TN and an EV (Leaf) driver, I would prefer to see this spent in building out additional L3 charging points along major routes between cities.

Blink Network L3’s in TN have started going down and not being repaired over the past 14 months. That may not be all Blink’s fault, as they might not own all of the stations; but it has made it highly unreliable to drive the Nashville – Knoxville – Chattanooga triangle.

Yes, as I was when Texas announced its $2500 sales tax rebate 6 months after I bought mine… It would have made the car payments lower.