Tempers Ignite After Tesla Model S P100D Smokes Gas Cars In Drag Races – Video



Not surprisingly, a semi-stripped Tesla Model S P100D makes easy work of an 1/8-mile drag challenge, beating five ICE cars … but wait, there’s more to the story.

*Editor’s Note: Some NSFW language in video.

The site is 710 Dragway in Rowland, North Carolina, and Tesla Racing Channel continues to tweak its P100D to top the competition. The car’s crazy amount of torque makes it tough to beat on the short race. Just in its standard configuration, the top-of-the-line Model S is capable of zero-to-60 sprints in as low as 2.3 seconds. Strip it down, throw on some lightweight wheels, drag tires; add some system hacks, and put a seasoned driver in the cockpit … you have yourself a monster.


Tesla Model S P100D

The race is a simulated street race, beginning on a rough track. In the “cash days” event, 19 cars entered (at $100 a pop). The Tesla Model S P100D takes out a Monte Carlo, two Mustangs, a Camaro, and an S-10 pickup truck, for the top cash prize.

In the 1/8-mile dash, the Model S in untouchable, however, had these cars continued down the track, the P100D would have been out of luck in the long run. The ICE racing population is well aware of this fact. It is all too common to share stories of electric cars’ torque and speed off  the line, just to have ICE car fans immediately argue that the gas car is better for the long haul, and the top speed. Remember our Demon post?

Anyway, a Camaro owner is unhappy with the results of the cash days challenge, so he makes up a challenge of his own for the Tesla Model S driver. The Camaro driver is so confident, he lets the Model S take off first (not smart). The Model S blows him away. Did he offer the break so that he and the crowd could hold it against the Tesla driver after he lost? It seems he was in need of a good excuse in advance.

It gets a bit heated as the Camaro driver and the crowd call Tesla Racing out for the cheap head start. There are many other words that we would rather not share.

Video Description via Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube:

A semi-gutted Tesla P100D with BBS Wheels and M/T tires takes over a cash days style street race. 19 Entries = $1900 and 5 rounds of tough racing. This road isn’t ordinary with it being some of the worst conditions going backwards down the dragstrip, starting at the other end of 710 Dragway. As for after the show…someone always wants to grudge race and well there’s always a winner and a loser in that situation when the Tesla talks its way into getting the brake.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Stooopid ICE heads……

Well, cut them slack. They are used to seeing ICE cars only. I am sure the sorry guy will not race another Tesla, ever.

Seriously, the only thing stupid is the organizers of these races. Electric cars should be racing in their own class. These Tesla drag strip videos are getting tiring and pretty pointless. Everybody now knows that EVs are quicker at the 1/4 mile. White Zombie proved that ages ago.

Of course this is a TV show, so the promoters hope for conflict to create drama. It worked.

There are two YouTube videos where a black 2015 Chevy Sparv EV races a black 2017 Chevy Camaro at a traffic light. In both videos, the lighter (and weaker) Spark EV came out ahead and kept ahead of the Camaro for many feet.


Good lesson for them. Don’t race an electric car on a short track… If I saw that car, I knew I would be playing for second.

Tesla cannot sell vehicles in N.C., so brilliant idea to race for money N.C. Tesla owner…

Huh? We have 2 stores. At one point Raleigh was 5% of Tesla’s market. I know several original roadster owners. I am one of 3 tesla owners in my neighborhood of 50 homes. Go check plugshare in Raleigh. I have a supercharger 50-60 miles away in 4 directions.

This isn’t MI or TX

..and a few other states. At one tine NC had some restrictions, years ago.

The NC restrictions were never finalized; the state legislators postponed their decision. Officially, the Raleigh store is the only sanctioned “dealership” in the state.

Plus a supercharger location is being planned for Raleigh too. Soon there will be 11 supercharger locations in NC.

You got me to look at the map. No permit in Raleigh yet but when did Wilmington open? I knew MB was on the map but didn’t realize it was open.

I count 12 that I can drive to with my lowly 70D. Including EWNS on 40, 85 and 95.

Turns out I forgot one. We have 5 directions covered in 50-60 miles. SE, SW, N, E, and W.

Not sure we need Raleigh given the others. So many Chademo including paid reliable ones as well as several free. I like Wilmington but it wasn’t necessary either with Warsaw. Bring on Statesville – the mountains is a much bigger area than just Asheville.

Poor guy, he’s an emotional wreck. He just realized that his ICe religion is obsolete and there’s nothing that he could do to his prized possession to make it win.

This guy is going to get beat up one of these days.

Wow, some serious redneck fun. I thought I had decent English, but I didn’t understand what these guys were saying most of the time.

thats ok.
Neither did they.

I like the glimpse of people’s lives that I would not otherwise get to see.

And, it is great to see people learning about the future.

There’s a lot of stupid in this world. Glad im not one of them ha

The only thing missing from this video is a cameo by the “Cash me outside howbow dah” girl.



You can run (Ice) but you can’t hide (from superior technology in Tesla).

I believe we are seeing rapid evolution coming to every corner of America soon.

Now that was funny!
You beat me! You were not supposed to beat me! How did you beat me?! LOL

Monkey Boys.
They are everywhere.

The Five Stages of Grief:

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

I see the gearheads are at #2!

Pretty soon they’ll advance to stage 3: “Oh, that doesn’t count, electric cars should be in a separate class.”

I don’t understand what the people were upset about at the end. Everyone did what they agreed to.

Couple rules: Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and don’t race a Tesla in an 1/8 of a mile run.

In WW2 we did a land war in Asia against the Japanese empire. Or did your history book covered only after 1950?

I’ll bet Trump did very well with the people who were shouting at the end of the video. Seemed like his base to me. Just sayin’.

Um…I did try to warn people about this a few weeks before voting day
…don’t wanna say ‘I told you so’…and I wish…I soooo wish, I had been wrong

Maybe the two of you can get over it and get on with life.


I definitely enjoyed hearing some deep american english, but somehow it seems wrong to me how he takes his clean $100 bills and the collection of crumbled $20’s the other guy was betting. I know he won it, but seems like stealing from the poor at that point, especially since he talked them into getting a break starting. Did he say he could not have used launch mode otherwise? Wonder why that is…

Yeah, there was a lot of drag-race discussion there that I didn’t quite understand.

Sour grapes because a bet it a bet.

The other guy approached the Tesla dude for the “grudge” race, and the other guy agreed to give the Tesla an advantage: getting to take off first.

A fool and his money are soon parted, as they say.

Yes indeed

Couldn’t find a google translate plugin for backwoods, but they sure sounded angry.

From what I could piece together, they didn’t want a gopro put on their car, and then they wanted to see the gopro footage. *facepalm*

The funny thing is that the race wasn’t even that close.

To funny.

The other guy even tried painting his front fender black in order to go faster, and even that didn’t help…



If he painted his whole car Vantablack ™, he could claim that he won!

Well really racing electric against even these hotted up nitro’d ICE’s is cheating. It is rather like racing ICE’s against horse pulled buggies. Early on, I’m sure the horses won, but not for long!

I have a trophy racing electric bicycles and the only reason I have a trophy is because the motorized petrol bikes didn’t think another guys electric bicycle would win. So…I got the trophy for fastest electric bicycle and the winner got the real trophy! At the end the ice heads were shaking their heads looking at the electric motor of the winning bicycle (not mine). They were asking where’s the engine? LOL

Ha Ha.
Guy owning I.C.E. did not study Physics or Science otherwise would not be that naive.
Hard lesson for people without proper education and a very good example why one should not breed with relatives in the barn.

They forget that it is the electric motor and battery that allows them to start their gas engines (a GM invention). If they want a race with “no electricity”, the starter and the battery have to be removed!!

Knew this was eventually coming with the Tesla Racing Channel guy.

If you race your hi-tech EV against the knuckle-draggers you will eventually have a problem.

Good thing nobody shot anybody. A******s

If I had a Mode S and wanted a “fair race” I would buy or build a fiberglass engine block and add more fiberglass molded engine parts to make it look like a real gas engine, then stuff it in the “frunk”. So if they think I cheated, I would open the hood and show the “engine” to them!

I wonder if dad knows what his kid up to…

EVs are really going to take off when another company shows up with similar approach to EVs.

Americans are weird! What an incredibly diverse country, and how multicultural – even among the European descendants. It’s impossible for me to imagine a similar scene anywhere in western Europe, although it could be tunnel vision on my part.

“tunnel vision on my part”
You got it!

How could anyone who does street racing not know the power of the P100D??

I would think when he told him he was going to use ‘Launch Mode’ and the car will squat down…..that would have been a red flag to back out then…lol