Tesla Pickup Truck Rendered As Ford F-150 Raptor Competitor


The rendering puts the Tesla Pickup right into the mix with the Ford Raptor, Nissan X-Trail and Toyota Landcruiser

Yes, the rendering is rather great in showing the rugged and aggressive design cues of a filthy, warrior workhorse that can do it all. However, nobody really has any clue on what will the new pickup from the California based carmaker actually look like. If Tesla goes with an aggressive, more offroader biased personality, than this might be one of the best looking trucks that money can buy.

For the most part, the author of the rendering did an extremely interesting job. The vehicle he envisioned, comes with an elongated hood and a front door bias design wise. In turn, this makes it both muscular and stylish, thanks to the clean body lines and an impressive front fascia. Even though we might not see Tesla going with a lifted look with grappler tires, the look suits this Tesla Pickup rendering quite well. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if an offroad package will be offered by the carmaker.


Currently, there are no real hardcore data on the Tesla Pickup Truck, sans from a few tidbits we’ve been hearing from time to time. For many of our readers, the main concern regarding the upcoming truck from Tesla is range and towing power. Since it’ll probably feature the newer, denser battery packs and the evolution of the current Tesla electric motors, we see neither being a problem.

Hence, a range of about 500 miles and the towing capacity in the same (maybe even better) range than the likes of the Ford Raptor, Dodge RAM, or a Toyota Landcruiser could be expected. And that, paired with the eco-friendly angle, could mean great things for this vehicle.

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I like the design. They would probably sell many if it looked like this.
Not that I ever use a truck, but looks like the bed in the truck is very small.
There is no way there is room for plywood or drywall there. Have to stick out a lot.

Nice design, unfortunately Tesla designers team is the weakest part of Tesla, they should be designing awesome Aston styles for an awesome engineered cars, just the model S face lift was the product of consumer pressures.

Well, everyone is entitled to his opinion. I think the original, pre-facelift Model S is the most beautiful car seen on the roads today.

Similarly the Rivian truck bed shorter but tail gate as a couple options and it is supposed to be 4+ feet wide.

The money for pick ups is with fleets. F150 sales 2/1 on fleet sales on the pickups

Using the tailgate as part of the bed is a standard feature on all pickups. I’m not sure why it’s being advocated so much for the Rivian? That’s the reason you can buy tailgate extenders now.

The issue is still that it’s over a foot shorter than a short bed, and two feet shorter than a 6 1/2ft bed.

Whether that’s actually an issue for you will depend on what you do with the vehicle. For carrying Ply it’s arguably worse than a Ridgeline (as the Ridgeline has a bigger bed), but then most people don’t carry much ply around, especially so in a $100k pickup.

I hope this pretend Tesla Truck has those Cool Blue seat belts, like those highly optioned BMW i3 and i8’s.


Looks like a child’s toy, maybe a cheap RC from the drug store. What do car designers have against windows and outward viability?

I kind of like the design. I see what you mean with visibility. They must change the design some, to get a practical working truck.

Personally though, I’d choose a van before a truck any day.

Stuff is dry, have a lot of options, plenty of room and less problems with theft.

I know a carpenter that have a custom van, with room to sleep, have a proper office space and plenty of space for his tools. It also has a shower, and a place to store work clothing, underfloor heating and what not. He can also make food there. It was a camping van manufacturer that installed the equipment. It is a growing business. Most materials are delivered to the work site by a large 10-14 tonn truck, so they can place the materials with a crane to the right place and story/roof.
The rest can he fit inside the van, or on a trailer.

Does it have four/five seats?

I don’t care for the look of this design personally. The Raptor is much better looking, just wish it were electric!

Yeah, this looks like a lifted El Camino.

Loving this!

This is a thousand times better looking than than the rendering of the Tesla pickup. I hope Tesla hires this guy. Yeah something like a modern version of an Eldorado.

There hasn’t been an official rendering of the Tesla pickup, just fan art, like this I believe.

Correct. And not much imagination here, either. The artist just took a concept pickup design (perhaps the Mercedes X-Class?) and slapped the Tesla logo on it.

I ment Ranchero I think is the name

Telsa has a big choice to make.
The Raptor is a capable truck with a high price tag – good place to start with an EV, right?
But the Raptor sales numbers are single digit percentage of Ford’s pickup truck sales and less than 2% of the whole pickup market. That won’t do much to get the world off oil. Also, Rivian has a compelling story in that market, so why aim to split sales numbers there?
To really make a difference, Telsa has to focus on a modular design like the vast majority of pickup trucks have- multiple cab and box configs.
We don’t know what they’re up to but I wish they’d throw us a bone.

I think this is why Tesla (Elon) is not marketing the first one as a mainstream truck. I don’t think they can hit the mass market price category with current tech for pickups and offering comparable specs. They can have specs that blow the competition away, but at very high $ premium. Or can tow a lot, but not as far. And/or they did their research and know the mainstream truck market is very brand royal and tough to break into. So offer a crazy spec truck at a high price for a niche market to show as a halo product to demonstrate the superiority of an EV drivetrain for a truck and embarrass other trucks. Then work down market.

That is the most logical, also in terms of use of Resources (Cells, Batteries, Motors), as a low Volume, Performance leader, makes most sense for a start!

No. I’ll take the Rivian truck over this.

This looks suspiciously similar to the Hyundai truck concept that was just recently published…..

Not before 2022

Toyota landcruiser is not a pickup truck, and dodge Ram is the entire dodge truck line, while the Raptor is a very specific trim of ford trucks. Not sure why they are lumped together in this article like they are competitors or equivalents. But the rendering is frigging AWESOME!!! I would totally consider it! But the regular pickup truck fandom would probably interpret the styling as a lifted sedan/crossover, not unlike the el camino or the outback sport from the mid 2000s.

Toyota has made at least two Landcruiser pickups. J75 and J45 series.

It will be an awesome truck and every millionaire will want one! Poor people too but they’ll have to steal one or get a ride in one.

Incidentally Tesla should name their truck the ‘Trex’ Tesla Trex.

Screw this model S, model X, model 3 naming BS.

Way much better design then semi look a like

Ugh. One of the worst renders ever published here.

Elon said the Tesla Pickup will look like something out of “Blade Runner” or “Mad Max” and that the style might be polarizing. We know the Tesla Pickup will look nothing like this.

Well, the only thing we Do Know, is we hardly know anything! Some vaporous “Might Look Like Something From Mad Max”, is not a very cler or fitting description, for any EV, really!

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I hate these rendering articles.
Like a concept vehicle, but worse.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I really like this concept, but I suspect the reality will be that the design will be similar, but somewhat toned down, and that it’s not going to come with those big, knobby offroad tires.