Tecnicar Lavinia SE Is Italy’s 800-HP Electric Supercar


Tecnicar Genius

Tecnicar Genius

A family-owned Italian automaker by the name of Tecnicar has gotten the electric supercar itch.

Having previously developed the hideous urban micro 4-seater called Genius, Tecnicar now hopes to dive into the electric supercar arena with the Lavinia SE.

Lavinia SE is expected to boast 800 HP.  0 to 62 MPH is pegged at 3.5 seconds and top speed is 186 MPH.  Range is claimed to be 186 miles on a single charge.

The specs sure sound enticing, but Lavinia SE is far from reality.  The electric supercar only exists as digital images at this point in time and Tecnicar is years away from finalizing this product.

With only 4 years of electric vehicle experience under its belt, we think Tecnicar is in over its head with Lavinia SE, but still it’s always worthwhile to dream big.

Tecnicar calls Syracuse, Italy home.  The Lavinia SE was drawn up by Giuseppe Ferrazzano

Tecnicar was expected to unveil the Lavinia SE in concept form at the 2014 Bologna Auto Show this December.  Did it happen?  We can find no visual proof as of yet.

Lavinia SE

Lavinia SE

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Another supercar with a super price for only the elite and equal to a P85D at 3.5secs 0-62?

And it only takes 2

It looks like it has swallowed a lemon

Enzo knock off

A far cry from the Rimac Concept One.