Tearing Into A Tesla Model 3 – Check It Out


The same teardown expert who initially stated this “These are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the ’90s or something…I can’t imagine how they released this,” is back to discuss the Tesla Model 3 in more detail.

The Autoline After Hours video, titled “Tearing Into Tesla’s Model 3,” opens with a focus on the hottest electric car in town.

Watch This – Tesla Model 3 Teardown Reveals Some Issues

Teardown expert Sandy Munro, of Munro & Associates, Inc., takes the spotlight as all eyes and ears turn to the words he has to say in regards to the Model 3.

Our take is that he’s fair in presenting the issues connected to the Model 3. yes, there are build quality problems and there’s still production bugs to be worked out. But he goes on to say that some parts used in the Model 3 are simply amazing and suggests that even one is government-level stuff.

Munro and the Model 3 are the focus of the video for the first 1 hour and 18 minutes, so there’s a ton to digest here.

Video description:

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates, Inc.

– Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis
– Doctor Data
– Johan de Nysschen out at Cadillac
– Toyota to launch DSRC across the board: The best connectivity news—ever?
– Everyone talks about potholes but not one seems to do anything about them—why?

– John McElroy, Autoline.tv
– Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production
– Craig Cole, AutoGuide.com

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Teardown info is pointless without a VIN number.

Yes, to determine quality.
But, I think Elon should buy a copy of this study.
If they’re breaking down the vehicle and can give him input into cost removal, that’s a win-win. And as the CHINESE are buying these reports…

Exactly, its called self scouting… Tesla should for sure scout themselves as that is the fastest way to get better…

That would be the right way for the report to be used. That’s not how I see Munro using this report.

And as Mr. Munro is pointing out, many if the issues are training issues on the assembly line: early VIN. Other good point is, car needs to be designed for robot construction. Blind, one arm, idiot.

“Teardown info is pointless without a VIN number.”

Did you even watch it? Be honest.

The vast majority of stuff he discusses is engineering and design, which has nothing to do with VIN.

EDITING!!!! Hallelujah!

I watched it from here before it was posted on insideev’s: http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f38/autoline-after-hours-teardown-tesla-model-3-interesting-one-hour-show-287657/

I assume it is the same report.

So then your excuse is you are just dumb? Companies around the world who have scoured the known universe for the best engineers value his tear down opinion so much they are willing to pay up to $500,000 a pop just to read his findings. But yep….you are correct. Completely pointless. Those people are all fools.

. I watch Autoline daily many many times often rerun the episodes .One of the comp. that hired him is Chrysler to prepare a compact car for production , that car was one of the worst performing cars to come out of Chrysler/ Dodge and failed to even get to corolla/ civic standards Sandy is good , very good,but companies also have to want and strive to be the best ,not just count pennies and he gives advice on counting pennies i’m sure,Just watch the INTERVIEW half a dozen times

“Tesla Model 3 modules are comparable to F-35 flight controller”

Overall, Munro ultimately concluded that the Model 3 is a car that the industry should not dismiss, and that anyone in the automotive business who chooses to ignore Tesla’s progress is doing so at their own peril.

“Anybody that doesn’t look at the electronics on the Tesla (Model) 3 is out of his mind. They’re in peril. This is not some Mickey Mouse outfit that you can just dismiss. Anybody that’s in the car industry that ignores this car is doing it at their own peril,” Munro said.

“This is big stuff. This is not inching up. This is revolutionary, and everybody else is sitting there twiddling their thumbs.”


The same F35 program that have plague since Lockheed been chosen

It’s your TAX $$$$$$ dollars @ work after all . LOL LOL

Tesla gets the electronics shown from Nvidia. Any automaker can buy the part.

NVidia chips only, conception, software, design and fabrication : Tesla.

Buying the PART is the easy part Integrating it is another matter ,what is Detroit going to do KIDNAP THE SOFTWARE PROGRAMERS EN MASS? lol lol

Yeah, given the horrendous F-35 cost overruns (it’s essentially criminal for the program not to have been canceled long ago), that’s not praise. I forecast every F-35 customer will rue the decision to buy them.

Hello, to a guy from Detroit saying it’s F-35 type stuff means it’s high tech. Way beyond anything the auto industry has sourced for electronics ever before, but very commonplace in the Bay Area.

Now the question is can the traditional automakers learn the electronics and software faster than Tesla can learn the old school mechanicals of assembling a car? I thought the comments about the Body In White (which is the welded together unibody) being very heavy and having redundant parts that add weight and cost but contribute nothing to strength were telling. Yes, Tesla should definitely look into getting a critical report about how to improve the product now, before the Model Y design is finished!

The mod 3 is with a few pounds of the TARGET COMPETITION ,the BMW 3 series ,this despite it being a BEV and an early drive of a early sample of Franz Holzhauzens car by MOTOR TREND chased by an ALFA was telling, and i’m sure an EX AUDI production BOSS is hard at work.



That sample was one of the early builds, beyond March 2018 the ramp up units get better as they are coming out and that is why THE BOSS has been sleeping on the couch or floor ,if all CEOs were like ELON and not like hired guns to the highest bidder there would be less recalls.

He says fundamentals like chassis, suspension, battery, motor and controller are better than anything in the auto industry. But basic body design and assembly quality is below par. The bottom line is that Tesla still has considerable work ahead to improve manufacturing, but design is second to none. Elon has already admitted as much and promises that the Model Y will be “designed for manufacture” based on what they have learned with the previous models. Elon also claims that all the build issues for the Model 3 are being addressed. Seems like Tesla is great at new stuff but too lax on traditional manufacturing techniques that they thought would be easy.

Impossible to make such broad generalizations based on one teardown, especially without a VIN number.

Yes, early VIN is one thing. But, then to misinterpret a forward looking statement by Elon and apply it to an early vin too, and then to laugh about it, shows unprofessionalism. The forward looking statement was specifically designed to show company intent based on the early VIN’s.

One of these guys belongs on Fox News.

The cars Munro bought were built in January, 6 Months after production started, this is not early build employee cars.

Elon’s states said they have already achieved the best quality in the industry (I say BS) and now strive to be 10X better then everyone else. This is just ridiculous to say, the quality curve gets really difficult when you approach the top, but to be 10X better… haha! Thats a joke.

I was behind a Model 3 at a traffic light yesterday, and you could see the trunk alignment was off from my car, it actually looked like the entire back of the car was slightly out of square, it was not something that could be adjusted.

Fake news and FUD from a serial Tesla basher.

All the ridiculous exaggerations and outright FUD about Model 3 panel fit issues are getting very tiresome.

Here are a couple of screen shots from the original Munro teardown video, where the narrator complains about imaginary panel gap issues, and claims that on one side of the trunk lid “you can barely get your fingernail in” and on the other side “you can almost get your thumb in”!

See if you can tell which is which without actually watching the video:



And, gentle reader, if you doubt that anything I’ve said here about what’s in the original Munro video is true, then see and hear for yourself starting at time mark 6:27:


This guy?
comment image

I love this new comment system, btw. Good job IEVs!

Thank you!

Tesla has bought the company that builds the robots on the assembly line. Musk is on this too.

Tesla did not buy Kuka, it is owned by a Chinese conglomerate. Tesla bought a tooling and integration company.

No one said they bought Kuka. Tesla bought Grohmann Engineering. I believe they manufacture assembly line robots. Tesla also bought a tooling company from the midwest US.

Grohmann Engineering does tooling and integration. Tesla uses mostly Kuka and Franc robots…

Only OEM I know that manufactures their own robots (and most of the other automated production line equipment) is Hyundai. The robots are (I think) branded “Hyundai” and most of the control and automation control kit and autonomous carrier vehicles etc. are branded “Rotem”.

He said motor and gear reduction are not good… he refers to it as drivetrain

Yup, he gave the car a bad review today on Automotive News. People can either accept his report or ignore it. I’m underwhelmed as to his ability to evaluate anything electrical, and I’m mystified that he doesn’t understand the purpose for a tie-wrapped-on dampening weight. All he would have to do is REMOVE it to see what happens. Color me unimpressed. The guy is much too easily wowed.

As Mr Munro has pointed out, he could hire any of 200 experts on manufacture quality, to straighten this out. Musk hires the best, so, this is a fair point. We need a couple new hires.

This is not quite that simple. Musk is his own worst enemy when it comes to managing Tesla. He pushes the timelines so tight, and then thinks you can just force things to happen… Most major automakers go through a factory setup and pre production that lasts 6 months to a year. Musk thought on Model 3 you just bolt the robots to the floor and push start (like a copy machine). In auto-making it really does not work that way. All of the corners they cut have come back to bite them in quality, missing projections, upsetting investors, etc. This is not a long term sustainable strategy. If Musk wanted to hire someone like Munro, he would first have to slow things down and redesign everything including the factory. Retrain the workers, then build back up to volumes slowly working out the wrinkles before you declare full production has started. I think they would be better off to contract with Magna for the Model Y, get it right the first time, Magna would even do the production engineering for them. On the I-Pace Magna did 5 pre production runs of 10 to 100 cars each, to verify the supply… Read more »

You should look into some CHRYCO prods Sandy Munro had a hand in getting into product development and into production SAND & CO. are good but only as good as all humans are the Calibers /Compass Dodge cirrus 200s are BOMBS

More FUD from a serial Tesla basher.

Tesla produced at least 200 pre-production units of the Model 3, and put them through months of testing in various locations, before starting production. Locations including a closed test track in Ohio and in New Zealand, possibly for winter testing during what is summer here.



But of course he said about the same after Model X… So, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Conclusion: Tesla Model 3 has the best battery pack in the industry. So they got something right.

Battery pack and electronics look good…

LOL. 1950 called. The first comment out of the box: “Ice storm, 2 day’s blackout”, he’d be screwed. Tesla also sells Solar and Battery Storage. So, I’m looking forward to what the Last Generation has to say about Future technology. Oh, and don’t buy that iPhone either, probably too complicated.

That comment was totally uninformed and void of any critical thinking. For me starting with a comment like that undermines any credibility for anything else they are going to say the rest of the video. Only an idiot would think EVs are the only vehicles that would be stranded if low on fuel after a power outage. So if he had an EV like the Model 3 that has a 310 mile range was his battery totally empty when he got home the night before? And if so does he drive his gas car home on empty every day as well? No, of course not. If like most people that own EVs he kept his charge topped off every morning to at least 80% full charge then when he gets home at the end of the day he would easily have over 100 miles of range left even in the coldest of weather with an EV that has 310 miles of range. So even if the power had gone out before he arrived home he would still have 100 miles or more of range left for the next day. If they power went out sometime in the night like he… Read more »

Yeah, gas pumps don’t work in a power outage either.

They remember Hand Cranked gas stations.

EV skeptics are idiots. They always seem to forget this simple point, which is the same as believing that gas pumps are powered by MAGIC and that petroleum is a gift from God or some asinine logic like that.

Yep, comments like this show that Sandy Munro is not forward looking but rather backwards-looking which is common in many older people.

Also need to consider his major customers are LICE manufacturers and NOT fans of the inevitable transition to full electrification.

Did you watch it? Sandy Munro didn’t make that comment, it was one of the guest journalist idiots.

Sandy is the real deal. Ignore the other three and listen to him. Skip to ~28:00 and listen to him gush about Tesla’s Autopilot circuit board and battery pack. He says anyone who ignores what Tesla has done there, like Detroit is doing, is dead meat. He says if Tesla had focused on that and hired Magna or someone to do the “dinosaur stuff”, they’d be mopping the floor with everyone else.

A lot of people dismiss Sandy Munro as an anti-EV petrol-head because they got butthurt when he insulted Tesla’s body build quality. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth, but this guy calls a spade a spade. For example, he marvels at the i3’s fit and finish, but says it’s ugliest design ever (vs. Model 3 design which he loves).

Should Musk buy the report? Hell, yes. More than that, though, he should hire Munro and Associates to advise him on how to fix his mess.

That would be the best investment Tesla ever made…

After the GIGA 1 , ,the Fremont factory, Grohmann automation and the hire of Jeff Dahn,and not necessariily in that order.

Especially since the Tesla would have been plugged in when not in use so it probably is almost fully charged when a power failure takes place even without solar power.

And also we know that if you keep speed down the range of the car get vastly extended.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“suggests that even one is government-level stuff.”

Is that a good thing?…..
Like “Good enough for government work”????

Ha ha, government sucks, blah, blah. In reality, things made for the government, especially the military and/or NASA, are necessarily made to more rigorous standards than commercial or civilian goods. They are subject to more extreme temperatures, pressures, and vibration profiles than similar automotive requirements. This often makes them unnecessarily more expensive in many cases, but not always.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

FYI, I think the avatar pic sizes are way too big in this new format.

I think they are a bit big. Arrrgh.

Zip ties? Really? They don’t last forever…… esp exposed to weather.

I think the zip ties are part of production, once the glue dries, they are not so important.

Zip ties are all over in modern cars. For wire bundles and such. Keeping hoses neat and tidy.

That’s not the same as carrying a weight on a moving, shaking part.

Zip ties where invented by aircraft industry, so they can be used in cars.

However…He does make some good points ! But He’s an arrogant Braggart on himself . Why do all this for free ? as a public service from the goodness of his heart ? He must for sure have an Agenda, Because he’s not a Tesla Fan ,To Be Sure !

Not sure how to take your comment.
It might be a good sarcastic joke? But, he’s selling a report, that car manufacturers buy.

Are you serious? Did you watch the video? He should be arrogant – he has EARNED IT. His company has been doing this level of detailed work for decades and is well respected in the automotive industry. He has worked for Ford.

Companies BUY his analysis because it is detailed and valuable.

Every Tesla fanatic is quick to attribute an agenda to any constructive criticism of Tesla but REFUSE to acknowledge the clear challenges Tesla faces. Elon does not have an automotive industry background and he is paying the price for his arrogance and dismissal of others who warned him.

When Tesla can’t make the 5000 Model 3 units per week the board will be forced to hire an Operations Director and get Elon out of day-to-day operations decisioning. Mark my words it is coming to Tesla..

You don’t know what you speak of Tesla and ELON are inseparable ,Elon is not going anywhere anytime soon ,if you are so sure put your mone yinto shorting it (TSLA) AND SHORT IT WITH ALL YOU”VE, GOT INCLUDING YOUR HOUSE @ YOUR PERIL

The point you’re missing is that Tesla is figuring out new solutions to old problems. Of course they could do it the way everyone else does it, but that won’t give them a competitive advantage long term. Looking at old problems with fresh eyes is a good thing. There will be a learning curve which Musk doesn’t always account for, but in the end a superior product results.

Tesla is revolutionary, not evolutionary.

Interesting analysis.
And good interview when Mr. Munro was talking.
Maybe Elon will take up the part about replacing the back end with fiberglass from Corning?
I’d like to see the full report, but, it’s a bit higher then what’s in my wallet.

There were some questions that got glossed over instead of answered, I don’t know if that is to sell the report but I hate that he was not allowed to answer whether Tesla could make a profit on a $35,000 car.

Munro spent a lot of money buying two Model 3 Teslas and the time / staff expertise needed to perform very detailed analysis. It is unreasonable to expect him to lay out all of his conclusions for free to Autoline Detroit.

Also, he stated he was not going to make criticisms of Tesla without having the information to do so. He gave you several clues.

The critical take-away was the ‘body-in-white design where he stated it was very heavy for it’s class and the construction pointed to not putting the car through finite element analysis to remove unnecessary weight that is not supporting structural safety.

Bottom-line: Elon understands the electronics piece but needs more automotive industry talent (in-house) or contracted to do the specialized industry work he is not educated to do.

I can understand some of the additional weight. Likely to allow for growth into a larger vehicle (the Model Y) and to support the additional stresses that the car will see as AWD and Performance trims.

Watch the video (again). When looking at the body-in-white assembly he stated it was very inefficient. I think many (not you) are ageist and see an older man and think he is ‘out-of-touch’.

Munro has a team of automotive engineers and industry partners who are performing detailed sub-system analysis. Expect to hear very little from Elon in terms of countering these assessments.

Do the CEO’s of other auto manufacturer’s that pay for Munro’s analysis typically respond publicly to his assessments?

simple question ,does any old auto have a comparable EV in a similar pricepoint with same range/performance ,and advanced tech like autopilot?

Did Munro pay for the Tesla’s out of their own pocket? That has not been established. They have not stated whether they were paid to do the teardown by an unnamed 3rd party or not.

They stated Chinese Auto Manufacturers were the first ones interested, but now European, and Japanese manufacturers have joined.

This is big, basically all of Tesla’s core tech is out on the open market to be copied, and most likely improved when GM, Toyota, and others re-engineer it.

Buying & hiring the SOFTWARE and Firmware Developers are not going to be so easy ,Elons Team are quite a dedicated bunch, getting MASS DEFECTIONS are a pain .LOL

Depends on what car you pit it agains’t ,Corolla ,Civic? or BMW 3 ser, Audi a4, C class Merc. all fossil cars, the Mod 3 is wt in a couple or a hundred lbs of them ,consider the safety & crash ratings too of all 4 and this wt a 310 range BATT. and this LEGACY auto don’t have a comparable EV for what? another 2yrs?

Rumour has it Munro just received an on-line reservation for his Model 3 analysis – Every single volume. The credit card of the purchaser is from Fremont, CA. Future Chief Operating Officer of Tesla. Express Shipping selected.

This was an incredible interview. My respect for Sandy Munro continues to grow. From the article: “Our take is that he’s fair in presenting the issues connected to the Model 3. yes, there are build quality problems and there’s still production bugs to be worked out.” Later in the discussion, Sandy describes in-detail the problems with the Model 3 body design and assembly that go beyond “production bugs”. Fundamental design problems with too-many panels, too much body weight, etc. All the way down to the rivet and weldment count. Munro found a very expensive body to build – more so than a Bentley! Also he describes how it is apparent the body parts were not designed for robotic assembly – that assemblies must be designed from the concept through to final production design to work with robotic equipment (“places to grip once and never let go”) and there was no evidence of it. Another great discussion section was where Sandy discussed how quality is maintained in the rest of the auto industry by following some almost-universal quality design and testing standards both for 3rd party parts vendors and for in-house manufacturing – standards with lots of acronyms and cryptic technological… Read more »

“Elon has specifically directed his staff to stop using ‘acronyms and nonsense words’. Wonder what acronyms and nonsense words were bothering him? Hmmmm…”

Yeah, I found that disturbing too. Every skilled profession or craft has a lot of jargon it uses. I am a computer programmer with a woodworking hobby, so I know a lot of words with precise technical meanings which are opaque to outsiders. Such jargon is absolutely necessary for proper discussion of such specialized professions and crafts. Precision of language is important in conveying precise meanings, and a professional or craft jargon is an important part of that.

If Elon doesn’t understand the jargon of auto makers, then he needs to delegate some of his authority at Tesla to those who do understand the jargon!


Being able to down vote you! Awesome!

I took that to mean that middle managers shouldn’t be making up their own useless acronyms, the way middle managers like to do.

If the early batch of Model 3 had some body gap/alignment issues noticeable by eye Tesla must have since then worked that out… because I don’t see any of that on my Model 3 that I took delivery a few weeks ago. So perhaps the negative part of the report findings which seems to deal with body fit-n-finish is obsolete info.

The only other criticism I heard in the video report is perhaps Tesla over-engineers some of its components resulting in unnecessary added build cost… as a consumer I prefer over-engineered parts rather than the normal minimum spec parts. I do know that Tesla at times contracts the SpaceX engineering team to custom design some of the Tesla components so perhaps that partially explains it… rocket engineers are known to over-design components for added reliability.

The rest of the report confirms what we already know… the Model 3 is a car from the future likely to greatly disrupt the automotive industry.

Well Sandy has a point, If TESLA works out the bugs ,Fit & Finish and is able to produce the Mod 3 at Camry production #s Toyota is” BASICALLY TOAST” basically his words ,and the Autopilot is improving as the miles piles on every TESLA so EQUIPPED and uploaded to Tesla cloud Servers.

It was actually very interesting to listen to. A little technical with industry jargin, but very interesting. Kind of confirms what everyone has been saying – great design, poor manufacturing. I wonder how long it will take them to fix the manufacturing issues, and whether it’s too late to build lessons learned into the Model Y design and manufacturing.

Part of Elons compensation is to make sure TSLA gets to some INSANE MARKET CAP ,I think like $600 Billion in so many yrs , so Mod Y, Semi and P.up and Giga 2 + Energy all have to deliver ,the stakes are high ,so are the rewards.

This is a great interview. I profess I am a Tesla and SpaceX fan and Koolade drinker. However, what this man says rings true and proven by all the production problems Tesla has been having. However it’s only a matter of time before these issues get fixed. Considering how young the company is and Model 3 being their first mass production car, they have come a long way in a very impressive manner. I think you need to give Tesla a pass for now and let them work their issues out.

Thanks for the battery images. However these guys calling themselves any level of knowledgable in the field is questionable… They have no idea what they are looking at. Calling the wire bonds “whisker things” then referring to them as “contactors.” The cells are not 5750 or even 6000mah, they are 4800mah. Saying the cells are super balanced because they only measured 0.02mA(not mV) difference and referring to power (not energy) density demonstrates they have no basic concept of power, energy, voltage and current.

Onto the module itself… Looks like a double top weld with wire bends. Busbars are an interlocking comb shape that doesn’t go more than 3 cells deep in parallel.

I’ve been waiting over 12 months to see what is inside this battery. The silicone gel is clearly there for vibration damping, and presumably thermal conductivity – making sure everything remains at a relatively constant (even if elevated) temperature. Now apparently earlier reports suggested there were radial cooling strips to which cells were glued, but it’s a very tight packing arrangement; hard to imagine there was room left for a cooling channel! Also important was the fact that all of the cells were in the same orientation – all point up. The wire bonding from the side of the can (negative terminal) to the busbar means assembly is simplified and no heavy duty manipulation of the module, but it also means the tolerances must be perfect or you end up shorting something you shouldn’t!
Overall I can see that this is a much cheaper way to make the battery, but is it robust? Is the thermal management good enough? Looking forward to more teardown images myself!

Interesting and some weird (not well done) engineering choices. But i am quite disappointed they did not recognize the Nvidia Drive PX as a part bought as a whole (available to everyother company as well) and not developed by Tesla.

Yeah even I knew that Nvidia was coming out with some high megaflops boards – and that surface mount multi-layered ckt board didn’t look to me particularly more dense or advanced than any other modern product. But as everyone here is saying – its common knowledge its an Nvidia part with a tesla private label. Munro claims this one ckt board (not made by Tesla) shows how advanced the car is – but the NVIDIA board is to be used as the central processor board for several different brands’ automation systems. He was also impressed by how compact it was – and therefore the speed of the board. But someone should explain to him that processing is helped by old ideas such as cache’s , which this product most certainly also has. He didn’t impress me as being able to evaluate anything electrical at all. As far as the weight that was tie-wrapped on, – and he supposedly couldn’t figure it out – he could have easily checked to see if it was to damp a sympathetic vibration on the existing ‘REAR” wheel drive car as is – all he’d have to do is remove it and see how the… Read more »

Toward the end they seemed to delve into what is a current topic at Tesla Motors Club – that of huge number of Cheap chinese parts being reworked by local machine shops around Fremont, to get the parts semi-workable so that they can throw them into the cars. I don’t know which is more discourageing, the TMC thread, or the evaluation by these guys.

“Simple Permanent Magnet Motor” ,maybe you didn’t know motor designers have been stumped by this particular design of this such motors , research it in Electrek. Tesla is even setting up a research place in GREECE ,Maybe the Greeks know something we don’t know. LOL LOL

Maybe you didn’t know that the LAST manufacturer to use such a motor has been TESLA. I have no trouble with asynchronous motors, and Tesla doesn’t either, since they STILL use them for the “S” and “X”.

That quote of Musk – where he says the Model 3 is put together so well that if your measurement doesn’t seem exact you need to buy a new tape measure – when simultaneously all kinds of junk chinese parts are being sent to local machine shops around Fremont, california so that they are half good enough to throw into the cars mean that Musk for once has been caught in a big lie. The proof is the current thread on Tesla Motors Club.

Post a reference for this “flood of Chinese parts” or be silent.

For some GOOD reason you are not on TMC’s emailing list. You can learn how to read on your own time.

Our resident tinfoil-hat guy considers a rumor posted anonymously to a forum to be “proof”! LOL!
😆 😆 😆

The main board is not a NVIDIA DrivePX board. The daughter card, which wasn’t shown is a NVIDIA board.

You are wrong. This board clearly is nvidia, have a look on how nvidias current drive px looks and what components it contains. Nvidia just delivers its architecture customised for every manufacturer. They designed it to be adaptable and scalable. This board is 100% nvidia tech.

NVIDIA prints Copyright Tesla on their boards?

Yes, they do, because the board is a custom job for Tesla, there are a few changes from the standard Nvidia board. Nvidia is doing these for several manufactures, each one is getting a little different product.

There is a lot of interesting information, it seems many manufactures are partners in this .