Are You A Teacher Or First Responder? Check Out This Special EV Deal




How about a new Chevrolet Bolt EV?

It’s refreshing to see exclusive EV rebates for the special people that provide the foundation for our communities and future.

If you’re a teacher or first responder (police officers and firefighters) and live in the service area of San Diego Gas and Electric (SanDiego area and southern Orange counties) you may be able to get a $1,000 point-of-sale rebate if you purchase or lease an EV. The incentives are being provided as part of the three-year $500,000 Champions for Clean Air program that is eligible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Plug-in hybrid EV

2017 Prius Prime

Teachers, police officers, and firefighters are role models in our communities. They grace the presence of many people, and citizens (especially children) often want to grow up to be just like them. These public servants are a solid choice for those that should be driving green-friendly vehicles and promoting earth-friendly practices. Unfortunately, none of these jobs pay very well, so it’s not likely that many of them are able to acquire an EV. SDG&E hopes to change that. SDG&E’s CEO, Caroline Winn, shared:

“Teachers and first responders are the bedrock of our community, they give so much to our community.”

“We know a lot of them enter public service driven by a desire to make the world a better place, and many are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint. The EV rebate program is one way we can show our appreciation and help them make the switch to driving electric.”

During the first year, the program will serve 300 eligible applicants. According to the utility company, the program will be funded through the use of shareholders funds. This way, it doesn’t come out of the pockets of ratepayers. With the current federal rebate, plus Califonia’s state rebate, and now a special incentive such as this, teachers, police officers, and firefighters may save as much as $20,000 off their EV purchase.

SDG&E just announced the program at a local San Diego fire department ahead of its 2017 Electric Vehicle Day, which is scheduled for September 9, 2017. The event will have about 30 EVs available for people to check out and test drive.

For more information about the rebate, click here.

Source: Fox5 San Diego

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Win-win society situation!

Unfortunately, none of these jobs pay very well, so it’s not likely that many of them are able to acquire an EV. SDG&E hopes to change that.

Er, not sure about the “not pay[ing] very well” part.

My wife works 3 days a week as a teacher in Ca. making 134K. If that’s not “very well” then you are very stupid. Cops and ff make 100k. SO **** a******.

That’s what he said, quite mildly — simply saying he believed some of those jobs do pay reasonably well.
That makes you a person with failing reading comprehension, as well as one acting like an asshole.

Since your wife’s a teacher, I suggest you ask her for some private reading lessons.

“participating dealer” is the problem…

It’s too bad that they lumped cops in with teachers and fire-fighters. I think only schoolyard bullies and sociopaths still aspire to be police officers.

Maybe you need to think harder…

^ This

Spoken like a complete moron. You think the job is easy, go strap on the gear, learn everything they had to learn to be on the street in the first place and then you go out and protect, with your life, the same morons that you are right now.

That is a shameful statement. You really need to re-evaluate your opinion of the police. The VAST majority of them are wonderful people and deserve our respect and gratitude.

Maybe but non of those3 professions are the foundation of society. I admire engineering and the technologies. To leave out garbage men, carpenters, nurses etc. is just plain stupid.

Yet another offer not valid outside of a small specific area.

Steven Loveday, going forward, could you please mention those little details in the headline, so we know not to bother with articles that only affect a very small percentage of your readers.

You may as well tell us (I’m making this part up) that a well received EV maker is giving out free home chargers… But only to residents of “XYZ County”.


I’m married to a teacher, we want an EV. An attractive offer could get us down to a dealership tomorrow. But, I’m not moving 2000 miles away to take advantage of it.

Look, I’m not saying “Don’t run stories like this”, I’m simply asking you to add a couple of words…

In this case “San Diego Residents:”.
Is that really so hard?

(Rant over)