Tata Working on Sub $20,000 Electric Car, Now More Than Just A Concept

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Tata group, in partnership with France’s Dassault Systemes,  is developing an electric car that is to be priced below $ 20,000 (over Rs 10 lakh).

Kevin Fisher, President of Vehicle Programs and Development at Tata said the company is working on with the French company to “leverage the talents of a global engineering team to meet numerous designs and cost constraints, as well as create the targeted user experience, including a final vehicle price tag of under $ 20,000.”

Tata Concept eMO Side View

Mostly, we see Tata’s tie-up with Dassault as bringing the French company’s lower cost electric vehicle know-how to  the Indian car maker’s extremely thrifty assembly program. 

Already, the partnership has completed the first feasibility study of the car, or eMO (which stands for electric MObility) using Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, and the results were satisfactory enough to move ahead on the project.

Tata noted that a big challenge in the development process was the requirement to fit all the vehicle systems into a such a small vehicle, while still maintaining adequate seating for four adults. “To achieve this, Tata Technologies utilized the powerful capabilities within CATIA and ENOVIA applications to quickly develop various studies, allowing global collaboration to rapidly evaluate and converge on optimal solutions.”

Unfortunately, besides the disclosure that it has four doors and will be under $20,000, that is all the information there was at press time.  Truthfully, we don’t expect a lot more once we see the completed project, certainly not the features and range the concept had shown, but an EV under 20K can’t be an all bad thing.

The Tata eMO concept debuted at the 2012 NAIAS in Detroit in January.  That vehicle, had a 18.4 kWh that produced an estimated range of 100 miles (aren’t all concepts 100 miles?), and a top speed of 65 miles per hour.

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That’s one bodacious Tata. 😉

I have to go with the author on this that the real car will look not at all like that concept. No huge paynes of glass or retro doors.

but if it can even go 50 miles for under 20,000 that would be great lots of people could live with that

I agree – could make for a nice runabout, even if range was < 50 miles.
What would be cool is if they could offer a battery upgrade to boost the mileage.