Tata Motors Wins Contract For 10,000 EV Order In India – Video

OCT 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

India, through its state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) intends to purchase some 10,000 electric vehicles with ranges of up to 120-150 km (75-93 miles).

The contract was (perhaps unsurprisingly) was won by the Tata Motors (Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Nissan Motor Co. also participated), but we don’t yet know the specs/options for these future Tata EVs at this point.

In the first phase, Tata Motors will deliver 500 cars in November, for $17,200 each (including tax and 5-year warranty).

Welcoming the initiative of EESL, Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors said:

“Tata Motors is extremely proud to partner with the Government of India in its journey to facilitate faster adoption of electric vehicles and to build a sustainable India. Tata Motors has been collaboratively working to develop electric powertrain technology for its selected products. EESL tender provided us the opportunity to participate in boosting e-mobility in the country, at the same time accelerate our efforts to offer full range of electric vehicles to the Indian consumers.”

Mahindra e-Verito

Before the tender was settled, it was anticipated that the winner could be the Mahindra e-Verito, equipped with 14.4 kWh battery and 30.5 kW electric motor, probably shared from the smaller REVA.

Separately EESL is also pursuing the installation of 3,000 AC charging spots and 1,000 DC chargers. The program kicks off with 400 units installed in the Delphi area.

It’s hard to say whether or not government orders will jump-start the plug-in market. India has long been criticized for not embracing the EV movement soon enough, both to consumers (through the lack of incentives), and also putting its considerable automotive manufacturing abilities at a disadvantage to the rest of the world by not encouraging the tech.

“The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan seeks to have 400,000 electric vehicles on India’s streets by 2020. However, electric cars have a tough road to travel. Sales of electric vehicles and hybrids declined to 25,000 units in 2016-17 from 32,000 the previous year.”

Mahindra e-Verito

source: Bloomberg, The Economic Times

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It only goes 55 mph? Wow, I suppose for India it’s ok.

I’m not surprised Mahindra did not win the Bid. Even though they’re the only ones currently selling EVs in India. Their current line up of eVerito and e20 are just awful cars overall. Especially the eVerito which is so outdated. Mahindra should have made a BEV version of their XUV500 SUV instead, but I guess it would have exceeded the $17,000 price target. The ICE version starts around $24,000.

Tata has more well rounded lower prices cars and their UK and US based R&D team’s have been working on EVs for a while, so adding a battery to the well made Tiago hatchback or Tigor sedan would be a winning bid.

As for Renault-Nissan, They probably pitched the Zoe or Leaf and those are much higher than the target price.

Will this kick start the Indian EV market? Maybe, but I doubt it. Mahindra has only sold about 2500 e20s since 2013 and 7500 if you include the old REVA Gwiz. The Indian market is very price sensitive, so a combination of 100mile EVs priced between $10k -$20k and a good DC fast charge network would get the ball rolling.

Well it appears Mahindra has won a portion of the bid as well to supply 150 eVerito sedans. Mahindra had to lower their bid price by about $3500 to get the order.


Meanwhile TATA will be supplying the Tigor EV sedan. TATA had shown a concept version of the Tigor hatchback version earlier this year.

For comaparison
Specs____________Mahindra eVerito____Tata Tigor EV
Power ____________ 41hp________________114hp
Torque ___________ 91 NM______________ 200NM
Top Speed________ 86kph(53mph)____ 135kph(84mph)
Weight____________ ?__________________1040kg(2288lbs)
0-100kph ________ ? _________________ 11s

Looking at those specs for cars at virtually the same price, I know which I would pick. Besides the Tigor EV looks way better both exterior and interior.


I’m curious about the range… The link says in the article these cars are intended to replace cars owned by government agencies, with no other details. If the range of the Tata is the same as the Mahindra & Mahindra’s e-Verito, ~100km nominal, use case is going to be a bit limited…

From the last paragraph of the link it says “the tender requires a minimum range of 150km on a single charge” So I’m guessing Mahindra would have to increase the existing e20s battery capacity of 15.46kWh to ~23kWh. Either that or the testing parameter is super optimistic like the European EUCD or Japanese JC08.