Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki Ready Electric Vehicles For Launch in India When Incentives Start in Spring 2014


Tata eMO-C Concept

Tata Electric eMO-C Concept

The government in India has dragged its heels for some time now in getting an incentive program in place for electric vehicles.

ICE Version of Tata Magic

ICE Version of Tata Magic – Tata is Expected to Launch an EV Version of This Vehicle

This heel dragging has meant that only Mahindra Reva took the step of offering an EV for sale there, while other local automakers avoid the plug in.  This situation appears as though it’ll change soon.

Both Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki (both local Indian automakers) are now gearing up to enter the EV segment just as soon as that government incentive is in place.

The Indian government says the incentive will be there in Spring 2014.

ICE Version of Maruti Eeco

ICE Version of Maruti Eeco – Maruti Says This Will Get Electrified

Tata and Maruti haven’t fully committed to EVs though.  Both will first take part in an EV trial program before evaluating whether or not they should begin mass production.

On the flip side sits Mahindra Reva.  Mahindra already has its e20 on sale in India.  This EV will be followed by 3 or 4 more electric models bearing the Mahindra badge just as soon as the government get that incentive program going.

It’s believed that in April 2014 the incentive will by in full swing.  As for how much will offered by vehicle, that remains a mystery.  We do know that India plans to set aside $3.2 billion US in total for the program, but we don’t have a per-vehicle figure, nor do we have details on how the program will work.

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you know what the nissan leaf isnt so ugly after seeing these cars…

It just looks like a Bollywood film.

Fully agreed but we have to compare the cost as well. Nissan lead at $ 29000 while these cars are $6000. A multiple of 4 makes the car more safe and comfortable 🙂

That Tata Magic is a funny looking vehicle : )
It’s 1½ meters shorter than a VW microbus and it has 11HP 🙂

The Mahindra e2o (http://www.pluginindia.com/1/post/2013/09/why-i-got-the-mahindra-e2o.html) is not at all ugly!

Its one of the cheapest ($10,000) and highly functional Lithium-Ion based Electric Car – in the world.

I hope Tata and Maruti launch actual cars people can buy instead of boxes.

If they convert Nano to electric that will be ideal.