Tata ConnectNext EREV Minivan Concept Gets Unveiled


India’s Tata Motors has unveiled what it believes to be the future of minivan.

Tata ConnectNext

Tata ConnectNext

Called ConnectNext, this concept EREV minivan boasts room for five passengers, suicide door, flexible seating and so on.

Unfortunately, Tata Motors puts out quite possibly the world’s worst press releases, so aside from mentions like “ConnectNext Concept car articulated the future of connectivity with its advanced interiors that seamlessly helps connect with professional and personal networks” we basically have zero details to provide you with.

It’s a minivanish concept with some sort of undisclosed EREV powertrain.  It’ll likely never make it into production and it certainly won’t be sold in the US.

But we still dig the minivan EREV idea.

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Why do you think this will never be made? India has terrible pollution problems. The government might be willing to help fund getting more electric and EREV cars on the road as quickly as possible to help abate the problem. It also helps that Tata Motors has deep pockets.

Between all those things and India’s requirements about how vehicles must be made domestically or with a large portion made domestically, this vehicle has a chance of seeing daylight, although probably with a significantly more frumpy appearance.

I wish we(India) can see many EV vehicles but that time is still 2-3 years away. We have pollution but we have bigger problem of electricity. Top of it EV vehicles are still costly to buy (with no Gov Subsidy). Every company is waiting for Indian government to offer some subsidy but it is still in pipeline.
Infact our only EV Mahindra Reva E20 sold 500 odd EV since launch (Mar 2013). After understanding that customers think E20 is costly they have now lowered the price by 20-25% with a condition that people pay for battery rental. I have still doubts that it will work until we have Gov Subsidy and better infrastructure.

What are the primary obstacles that slow India’s public infrastructure improvement?

“Hello, Tata helpdesk? My ConnectNext won’t start, can you help me?”….

“Have you tried to plugging it in? This is often the problem…..”

Just. Couldn’t. Resist.

Every product starts with a concept which gets optimized over the period of time according to practical conditions and current market scenario.

I think TATA has taken a step forward to think on EVs. Only purely India maker to promote EVs. Things might be looking odd today but I believe they will come up with a solution to best fit in India roads and budget.

Who cares whether it will run in USA or not.