Tandem Bike Versus BMW i8 – Video


Previously, we presented video of a race between a BMW i8 and a golf cart.  The i8 narrowly won.

Now, we present the BMW i8 taking on a tandem bike.  Surely, two pedalers can’t match the i8, right?

“Justin Rose and Paul McGinley on a tandem bike versus Ian Poulter and Wu Ashun. Who will win and take the honors going into the 2014 BMW Masters.”

Watch the video to find out if the tandem takes down the i8.

Let The Race Begin

Let The Race Begin

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4 Comments on "Tandem Bike Versus BMW i8 – Video"

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After both wheels are removed my tandem bike fits in the read of my Model S – and my Model S doesn’t make silly noises or pollute while driving.

I don’t understand the point of this video.

Also, it’s hard for BMW to argue that the i8 is an electric car when it’s making that obnoxious roar.

Hmmm…how about i8 vs eBike?

Silly race.

But I bet the tandom bike would have easily won if they are doing the race again in the crowded Beijing commuting traffic instead of the special event neighborhood with no traffic.