A Tall Driver’s Review Of BMW i3 – Video


BMW i3 Reviewed By Tall Guys

BMW i3 Reviewed By Tall Guys

If you happen to be on the tall side (6’5” or ever taller), then finding a suitable car can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are two tall guys who review cars purely from the tall-guy perspective:

“Spenser, 6’6″, and Henry, 6’7″, review the BMW i3 Mega City Vehicle for its roominess. As tall folk, we inform you on how well tall drivers and passengers will be accommodated by the BMW i3 Mega City Vehicle.”

*Some NSFW language

While headroom in the back is limited and that rear door setup is a pain in the arse, the tall guys seem to fit up front without issue.

If you’re a tall guy/gal, has it been difficult to find a plug-in vehicle that fits you?

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Just think how easy it would have been to climb into the back seat HAD HE OPENED THE REAR DOOR 🙂

he was trying to prove a point

and the point was…

It’s pretty impressive though that a giant like that managed to get into the back seat fairly fast and easy WITHOUT opening the rear door.

Next time I want to seem him climb through a window 😛

Ok, now we need a video of these guys sitting in a Spark EV. I think they would have plenty of room up front, as the Spark is tall, but not so sure about leg room in the back.

They should rename their show to, “Two Tall Hipsters”.

Better yet Bridgetown Douchebags.

He said it had a 3 cylinder. And they never even took it for a drive, so not much of a review.

They are at a car show.

It’s a seat review!

I can confirm the i3 is great for tall people – my brother is over 6′-6″ and he has never sat in a car (or truck) with more room. Ever.

He now owns an i3 REx.

The Volt is okay for me at 6’5″, but you don’t want to be sitting behind me

Ya, bet Steve Coram (also an i3 owner) is like, 6’6″, 6’7″, “that’s cute”

The i3 makes for a fantastic Tall Guy car. I’m 6’11”, and fit great.

I’m 6’6″+ and we have a FIAT 500e. The baby sits behind my wife and we fold down the other half of the back seat for the 90 lb. dog. That works. There is a lot of room up front for me – in back, not so much.

I fit great in a Leaf and C-Max, good in a Fusion and Spark, and okay in a Volt. I have a hard time seeing out of the Volt due thick A pillars plus a low sitting-in-a-bathtub seating position. I am looking forward to Gen 2 Volt. Hopefully it’s easier to see out of. It’s no dig on the current Volt. Many new cars are hard to see out of – thick A pillars and high sides and back. Chalk that up to rollover standards and efficiency I guess.

My two cents.

The front pillars are extra thick in the Volt and it does create a blind spot.

It is appearing that more and more cars have extra thick A pillars these days. I wonder if they are designed to meet the roof strength requirement and the front offset crash requirement (especially with IIHS small overlap offset crash test).

They do have structural duty and many of them host air bag.
It’s a way to safely hit something because you haven’t seen it:-(
Safety has is own way, I gess.
The sad thing is for pedestrian that it’s much more hazardous.

I’m 6’7″ and drive the 2014 Ford Focus Electric. I don’t fit in the Honda Fit! I also have a 2013 Passat V6 SEL Premium and that is by far the roomiest car I could buy.
The Focus is tight and luckily I can’t use it for extended trips so for what it can do, the car is comfortable at 6’7″ inside of 70-80 mile trips.

im 6ft 4 inch 290lbs
fit fine in my coda
also only to drive !!!

not a chance in a spark

sat in the kia soul

I’m a “tall midget” (at 6’4″), as my father in-law (6’9″) would say. The iMiev has great headroom for me in front – and back. The i3 was great in the front, not so good in the back. Both the eGolf and Mercedes B Class we’re quite good for headroom and legroom.