Talking Tesla Takes Delivery Of Model 3 – First Impressions Video Nails It

Tesla Model 3 video review


Check out this solid Tesla Model 3 review filled with outstanding insight and new material.

Mel Herbert from Talking Tesla really nailed it. Being that there are so many Model 3 reviews popping up, and this will be exponential soon, Herbert took a different approach. He touches on aspects that we haven’t seen in other reviews.

Tesla Model 3

Talking Tesla’s Mel Herbert in his brand-new Model 3.

Soon, Model 3 first impressions videos and in-depth reviews will be a dime a dozen. We’re already starting to see one rehash after another. Fortunately, YouTubers like Now You Know (with their latest winter weather feature and tall guy video), along with a few others (DÆrik’s detailed touch-screen review) are still creating interest and divulging additional, sought-after details.

Herbert begins with footage of the delivery process (which is very cool), then moves on to Model S and 3 comparisons, screen layout, outward visibility, coil suspension, and driving impressions. Well done!

We will make every attempt to keep you posted with the newest reviews that stand out from the pack.

Video Description via Talking Tesla on YouTube:

Mel Herbert of Talking Tesla podcast gets his Tesla Model 3 and gives his first impressions.

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Autopilot is a dangerous joke that is going to kill people. Lawsuits are coming. I do not want my children in the M3 under autopilot or in the oncoming lane. Damn it Tesla, how can you be so reckless? No OTA update is going to fix this, other than to permanently disable autosteer.

For a Tech Guy, you really should reasearch what you’re trying to warn people about…

Only truth in this statement is AP will kill again but 3200 are killed without AP anyways…I’d take a Vegas bet this guy doesn’t even has children…lol

Dude, the Tesla autopilot – like the one in an airplane – is an assistance feature. It is there to help you, but you have to monitor its actions closely.

Would you say that cruise control kills people? Or that mirrors kill people? They are features to help you, but you have to use them or not ONLY use them responsible (like the casual look over your shoulder while changing a lane – don’t rely on mirrors).

If you confuse autopilot with “full autonomous driving”, which Tesla says is not there yet so often, that I get bored reading it, it is not Tesla fault.

The problem is that a lot of people think autopilot drives the car for you. I just got a model s in Dec and I have a bunch of friends with model 3 preorders and they keep asking me about how I like the fact that my car can drive me to work. I have to tell them its actually just smart lane keeping. I would also like to point out that during delivery I was never once told about the dangers of letting autopilot do the driving for you and before anyone says read the warnings on the screen 99.99999% of people will not.

I certainly agree that should be covered in the delivery process. Most people think “autopilot” is a set-it-and-forget-it thing, and all those “Look, Ma, no hands!” Model S/X videos posted to YouTube are making the situation worse.

Tesla delivery specialists should certainly take the time to explain that an airplane pilot needs to maintain situational awareness, needs to “keep watching the skies” when they have an autopilot activated; and they should also tell new Tesla customers that they really do need to read the warning screens associated with Autopilot and AutoSteer.

Either that or simply change the name from the misleading** “Autopilot” to something else, as many (including me) have suggested.

**misleading to the man on the street; not to airplane pilots

The name “Autopilot” implies something like full self-driving capability.

I think this problem could be solved by naming it “Copilot.”

Teslas autopilot workes exactly as autopilot on aircrafts. So i don’t understand why ppl expects it to be more atonomus than the systems it is named after?

Because most people aren’t airplane pilots?

I’d argue there’s a lot more time to address issues at 30k feet with the only foreseeable obstacles being weather and other planes than when at a car’s distance from another or simply at 60+ MPH in general.

Advanced autopilots in airplanes can land the plane under CAT.3 ILS approach.

The very same autopilots can also stall the plane in climbs, or head straight into mountains if set incorrectly by their human pilots.

Dude, Chill. Just get a Robot to drive your kids around like IO (input output).

I bet you say the same thing about vaccines and GMOs, don’t you?

I bet you believe everything the fda tells you.

The first researcher to discover real, reproducible evidence that GMOs are unsafe will be a world famous hero.

The FDA’s approval is hardly the only reason to be comfortable with them.

it is scientific fact that something as simple as a decrease in pollination leads to a decrease in nutritional value such as vitamin content and you think splicing genetic material from (at times) entirely different biological kingdoms or gene modifying is foolproof or safe let alone costly to humankind as a whole?

let alone *not* costly…

People are dying anyway, without Autopilot.

When less people due with Autopilot… then you’ll realize what is going on.

Then just buy your car without Autopilot. It’s cheaper too. Nobody is forcing you to use it.

If you really advocate safety on the road, I hope you’re not one of those drivers that….
1) Drive slow on the fast lane.
2) Ignore traffic around you.
3) Weave in and out of multiple lanes.
4) Get distracted with your phone.
5) Pull a trailer in the fast lane.
6) Drive intoxicated.

Those are the idiots that kill others.

Hard to tell if anti-tech guy “tech_guy” is a dedicated Tesla basher, or just a Luddite.

Tesla Autopilot + Autosteer is already saving lives. That’s a fact, not just opinion; the NHTSA states that Tesla cars with Autopilot + AutoSteer have a nearly 41% lower accident rate than Tesla cars lacking that upgrade.

The argument against driving assist features like AutoSteer is exactly the same as the one made a few decades ago against wearing seat belts; and it’s every bit as wrong-headed for exactly the same reasons.

“The thing to keep in mind is that self-driving cars don’t have to be perfect to change the world. They just have to be better than human beings.” — Deepak Ahuja, CFO of Tesla Inc.

Careless People kill People “Not Tesla” Tesla has warnings and has made that Crystal Clear Long Ago. Autopilot is NOT Ready for Prime time yet, However some people Refuse to Understand this and operate the vehicle Carelessly by not following SIMPLE Instructions..People Just Don’t Get It ! DUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Another Model S owner who likes the 3 more. This could become a serious problem for Tesla. I expect a Model S refresh very soon. Will it be enough?

Yes, I expect a Model S and X refresh coming…with the high capacity batteries from the semi and new roadster. Ranges almost double that of the long range Model 3.

“then moves on to Model S and 3 comparisons, screen layout, outward visibility, ”

I want to see one of a new driver using the screen while driving.

I’m already on overdose of Model 3 reviews. Please stop already.

@TM, then don’t click on any “Model 3” article.

I really like the detailed analysis of the size difference and associated trade-offs between the model 3 and S. The model 3 is a much more attractive size (and especially width) for me. Since my wife will always have a hatchback type vehicle (small CUV) we would be covered with that + Model 3. Owning a 2014 Volt which also relies heavily on touch based operation I have no concerns about adapting to the Model 3.

Side-view mirrors are supposed to be used to detect cars on the sides not on the rear.

Side-view mirrors in this video weren’t adjusted correctly and the driver must turn head to see car in blind spots on both sides, right and left.

14:37 turn head looking for cars on the left side.
15:31 turn head looking for cars on the right side.

I agree, most people don’t have their sides adjusted right.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about here. You should always turn your head to check you blind spot, whether your mirrors are adjusted right or not.

I have heard that 18650’s are being discontinued by panasonic in 2018 in favor of the 2170 and prismatic cells.
Not sure if it is true, but if 18650’s dried up, then model S and X will get an update to the new cells. But until that point it is radio silence until the all of the 18650 based packs are flushed out. May have been a contribution to why tesla said they reduced the the build rate on model S and X.

That blue color is awesome!