Just Take A Tesla For A Drive And You’ll Understand Musk’s Eccentricity

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There are plenty of Tesla reviews out there. However, Adam Hay-Nicholls at London’s City A.M. draws some striking parallels between the Tesla driving experience and its eccentric CEO, Elon Musk. Hay-Nicholls poses a provocative question: is a Tesla “only famous for its unpredictable boss or genuinely good to drive?”

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Above: CEO Elon Musk and his Tesla Model S (Image: Business Insider)

To answer this question, Hay-Nicholls put a Model S P100D to the test on a road trip from London to the south of France. His first impressions? He says, “There are no gears, there is never-ending torque, it is silent, and the ride is perfectly suited to motorways. Stick it in semi-autonomous mode and cue up the in-car entertainment.”

He explains, “The thing you need to get your head around when driving a Tesla is that it’s not like a regular car. It’s more like an iPhone. For starters, everything apart from the steering and indicators is controlled through the dashboard-mounted computer screen. All the features are apps, from the climate control to Spotify. And you charge it just like you would your smartphone.”

What about performance? Hay-Nicholls warns, “if you keep flooring the throttle to give yourself what might be termed a ‘Silicon Valley facelift’ your battery will drain itself like a drunk in a bus shelter.” That said, “It feels like you’re driving in a video game. But the steering is good and the chassis’s not bad, albeit a little heavy… the driving experience remains futuristic.”

Above: Inside the Tesla Model S (Image: Green Car Journal)

So is driving a Tesla a mirror image of its mercurial CEO? Hay-Nicholls says, “Tesla boss Elon Musk is basically Hugo Drax from Moonraker. He wants to colonise Mars, and says the people he sends there should be ‘prepared to die’. But for all his madness he is a genius, and quite an amusing one. He started selling flamethrowers just for a lark. His tunnel boring company is called The Boring Company.”

Test driving the Tesla, Hay-Nicholls does notice a nod (or two) to Elon Musk: “My Model S comes with ‘Bio-Weapon Defense Mode’… [and the] notorious ‘Ludicrous Mode’ enabling 0-60mph in a Lamborghini-crushing 2.5 seconds.” Regardless, “It’s a car unlike any I’ve driven before and, as a long-distance cruiser, I loved it.”

Looking ahead, “Tesla has a lot riding on the next 12 months if it’s to keep improving. Musk’s meltdowns, both on Twitter and in the boardroom won’t help the faith of customers and shareholders. Critics say it’s time for Tesla to enter a new chapter, appointing an executive from Volkswagen, Toyota or Ford to run it. But then it would lose its individuality. Craziness is part of the brand’s DNA.”

Above: Driving the Tesla Model S (Instagram: fh3_yellownathan03)

That said, Hay-Nicholls concludes, “I want a bit of eccentricity in my automobiles. I also like being able to drive to the south of France without spending a penny on fuel. Free supercharging sounds nuts, right? But it’s real. And we have Elon Musk to thank for it. I’d borrow his wheels and drive to France anytime, though I’m not sure I’d follow him to Mars.”


Source: City A.M.

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I test drove a model S in Birmingham UK. It was excellent however it was not until I had to navigate it myself that I realised it was way too big.

That why there is a Model 3 and later even a smaller car.

To small. Needs a mid size suv

This is unbearable. Not the article above or the one it links to, but the instant food fights, complete with name calling, that break out in the comment section of virtually every Tesla story plus those not about Tesla when someone mentions that company in a comment, often for no valid reason.

Get your act together, IEVs editors, and crack down on this. This rampant stupidity is seriously degrading the value of this site. And I say this as a longtime reader and someone who has recommended this site to literally hundreds of people.

I moderate the comments nearly 24 hours a day, but this week was sales, which can be overwhelming, and then I went out of town for the weekend for my daughter’s birthday. I tried my best to watch as much as I could but I was driving for much of the time. I apologize and will watch even more. I’ve been talking about the situation in the comments on a regular basis. It takes so much time and effort to deal with people in the comments that I can barely write. Get it together people, we’re on the same team here. I shouldn’t have to moderate more people but I will if I need to. It’s getting ridiculous again.

Don’t allow some squeaky wheels to presume to shout at you for moderation. You’re a website admin, not the internet police. Tesla articles generate a lot of passion – both pro and con – everywhere on the internet, and if some disgruntled reader thinks another site is doing a better job of policing its commenters, I would politely suggest said reader take this opportunity to go ahead and enjoy some of the variety the internet has to offer.

There’s no way you should be apologizing for not being here to moderate 24/7. That’s crazy. If your administrative load is really that high, and you don’t feel comfortable letting the commenters self-moderate, perhaps you could implement a system that allows users to block commenters they don’t like? I would hate to see this site collapse due to moderator burnout.

Thank you! It’s all good. Just walked in the door from the trip and was “cleaning up” the comments. I agree that I have seen some incredibly terrible, horrible things in the comment sections of some other websites. While there are surely passionate arguments and some fighting and bashing happening here, we keep it pretty clean for sure. There’s a fine line and it’s a slippery slope to say the least. I appreciate your words. Take care.

As a moderator on several forums over the years, I agree but if you let some to “over comment”, the site will poison.

Steve, you guys have done a great job. I know that many of us appreciate the work that you do.

Do not allow a troll to own you.

How would you compare yourself to Elon ? Sad

Lol, did the author actually suggest that anyone believes Tesla should replace Elon with a CEO from a traditional car company?

I know, unbelievable. “it’s time for Tesla to enter a new chapter, appointing an executive from Volkswagen…”. Like one of those executives from VW that are currently serving time?

Yes, he stated (correctly) that some people do believe so. He also made it clear though that he himself is very much not in that camp 🙂

I don’t know about replacing him with a CEO from a “traditional” car company. That may not be the best idea. But Elon’s personal traits of micromanagement and refusal to share power within the company with others, is increasingly a poor fit for Tesla, as the company continues to grow. Personally overseeing everything may be a good fit for a smaller cutting-edge tech company like SpaceX, where there are only a few teams, or perhaps only one large team, is in charge of everything. But there is no way any one person can properly oversee literally everything going on at Tesla. Case in point: The massive failure of the automated battery pack assembly line at Gigafactory 1. If lower-ranked executives at Tesla had been delegated more authority, then it’s far more likely that the problem would have been identified, and steps taken in the direction of fixing that major problem, much sooner. It shouldn’t have been necessary for Elon to “camp out on the roof” of GF1 in order to get things moving in the right direction, and coming up with a plan to fix that major production failure shouldn’t have waited until after the July 29, 2017 Model 3… Read more »

Wow pupu. Elon just need a CFO and his board to reign him in a little bit. Give more responsibility to to his engineers and designers and let him do the” jobs” role of the company

Wasn’t Jobs actually very hands-on with design? Though surely not with manufacturing, that’s true…

I think Elon’s occasional foot-in-mouth is what makes him sympathetic: seeing him talk makes us feel that in spite of being CEO of several multi-billion-dollar companies, he is still a somewhat awkward nerdy kid at heart 🙂

Uggh. Yet another Evannex piece. I’ve read and understand the IEV reasonings for needing to run these but dang…..

Do seeking alpha members ever write in the comments section, “Yet another Tesla hit piece. Dang, come on seeking apha staff…..” ? Probably not but I’d like to think so….. 🙂

Coming from a former assignments editor in a past life, the middle of the summer is the slowest news cycle due to nearly the entire northern hemisphere taking summer holiday for weeks at a time so I understand that “feeding the beast” is hard right now. But dang…. 🙂

At what point are you guys going to learn what the “Source” tag at the bottom of stories means?

Evanexx didn’t create this content. Go here

Source. http://www.cityam.com/288568/tesla-model-s-100d-review-only-famous-its-unpredictable

Europeans are so lucky to get Spotify. In the US we are stuck with Slacker radio. Its ok but Spotify would be so much better!

Pandora please!