Take A Ride On Tesla’s Indoor Test Track In Europe – Video


Inside Tesla’s newly opened Tilburg factory in the Netherlands you’ll find a test track that’s used to conduct vibration and harshness tests on recently assembled Tesla electric cars.

Above is video from a car going around the track.

“750m of vibration and harshness in Model S on Europe’s first indoor production test track.”

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Bumpy, but cool. 🙂

One of the benefits of EVs, you can test and run them inside without having to install huge building ventilation systems.

But… but… electricity just comes from coal, so the emissions are worse!

Yuck! I knew some petro-jerk would find some ugly propaganda lie to repeat, even on this article.

Coal is now the exception, and even from a coal plant an EV will always be cleaner from source to wheel becaus e the electric motor use energy 5 times better than an InFernal Pollution Engine.

An in the case of Model S vs MB s550, it is almost half CO² saved in the end.

Coal is still a huge chunk of the US electricity supply: 39%. In coal heavy areas of the country hybrids are much greener than EVs. Even FCEVs using steam reformed hydrogen delivered by truck are greener than EVs in the dirtiest states.

At 100% electricity from an average US coal plant, a BEV has lower CO2 emissions and higher PM2.5 emissions than an equivalent gasoline car.

There are coal plants with advanced scrubbers that have much better emissions profiles and therefore will on both CO2 and PM2.5

Can you explain this in numbers?

Coal power plant (a good one): 0,87kg CO2/kWh
Gasoline: 2.31kg CO2/litre

5l/100km gasoline car produces 0,1155kg of CO2/km
Electric car at 15kWh/100km produces 0,1305kg of CO2/km

Did I miss something?

Frédérick St-Laurent

Yes you did:
1. Places where electricity is 100% coal are really rare.
2. Care that are able to actually do 5L per 100 km are also rare (ok, good hybrid are the exception and they can barely get 5L / 100km)
3. The grid mix is constantly getting better, so your car will emit less with time (it is the reverse with an ICE car).

Not inside the building

And no oil and gas spills to clean up.

Wait, that door opens at the end – after the car stops: is that an Autopilot brake test device?

Electricity from solar, hydro, renewables. If you don’t have solar, hydro, renewables.. get it. Demand it. We cannot survive deep into the future relying on fossil fuels. We each must do our part, and do it now!
It’s about zeroing out carbon emissions in transportation, housing, business, governments. We gotta do it. The environment on our little blue marble changing dynamically right before our eyes. Hopefully solar distributed power with battery packs is just a year or two away.

and then fly with a personal jet to the announcement …


Yes it still better on Coal than ICE, but if you charge on Solar or other sound environmentally generated electricity – it fantastic and untouchable.
Fossil Fuels cannot compete !