Takata Tells Tesla That Model S Airbags Are Okay


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The far-reaching Takata airbag recalls have affected nearly every automaker, with the exception of Tesla Motors.

Takata: All Good In Here

Takata: All Good In Here

Why has Tesla escaped this recall?  Are the Take inflators in the Model S different from those used in other affected Models?

According to Automotive News, Jared Levy, a spokesman for Takata, wouldn’t comment on the subject of whether or not the inflators used in the Tesla Model S differed from those in other recalled cars.

When questioned, a Tesla spokesperson stated that Takata has “assured the Model S maker that it’s not affected by the recalls,” according to Automotive News.

But the same sort of statement was made by Takata in relation to the airbags it supplies Volkswagen. Now, Volkswagen vehicles are under investigation for safety concerns linked ot Takata airbags, so it seems it’s probably just a matter of time before Tesla is pulled into this airbag mess too. The use of ammonium nitrate appears to be one of the main contributors to these airbag malfunctions and to the best of our knowledge, this chemical is used in Tesla cars too.

The NHTSA is still pushing for the release of more information from Takata.  NHTSA spokesman Gordon Trowbridge stated:

“What we’re trying to do is gather up all the information that we can about the entire universe of these inflators. We’re not asking because we’ve got reports of problems; we just need to figure out what the universe is.”

Source: Automotive News

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Yeah, wireless firmware updates won’t fix this problem…

“…it’s probably just a matter of time before Tesla is pulled into this airbag mess too.”

Seems likely. Assurances from Takata spokesmen have been proven to have zero information content. Takata’s policy is to deny, deny, deny, until the accumulated public evidence is too overwhelming to ignore.

Takata says everything is OK. Now we know we’re boned.