Taiwan’s Tatung to Sell Charging Stations in US Beginning in 2015


Taiwan-based Tatung, makers of electric machinery and consumer electronics (most notably, rice cookers) says it’s developing EV charging stations and that it plans to launch these units in the US starting in 2015.

Tatung's Selection of Rice Cookers

Tatung’s Selection of Rice Cookers

Tatung president WY Lin confirmed this at the 2014 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei in late February.

Rice cooker maker turned charging station manufacturer?


But there are a few reason why Tatung should be considered capable of making the transition.

For starters, the charging stations have received ISO 15118 certification and Tatung is actually well known for its energy-saving solutions for power grids, factories, office/commercial buildings and residential buildings.

So, while rice cookers may be where you’ve heard the Tatung name, the corporation develops products in all sorts of fields, including those related to energy, electronics and machinery.

As an added plus, we suspect Tatung’s chargers will be priced to sell.  Meaning they’ll be cheap.

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Thought the logo looked like a pictogram for an electric stove top heating element…

Bill Howland

Everything else is made in Asia these days so why not? These things as many have mentioned are way overpriced for what you get, and on some manufacturers the quality and/or grade of engineering is not high. My own Schneider EV-Link required a redesign of 2 big items (by me) before I could consider it not only functional, but safe and reliable.

An additional low-cost competitor from Asia might put some sweat under the collective collars of Scneider’s arrogant engineering team..

After all, we no longer don’t get a 30% tax credit on these things, and they’re as a rule way too overpriced for what you get anyway, especially now that they’re 43% more expensive than they used to be.

Lou Grinzo

Finally, some competition in this segment.

I think it’s absurd that it you buy an EV and want to do something (non-)radical like, say, put a 240v charger in your garage, it wipes out a major portion, in some cases all, of your fuel savings for an entire year. That’s why I recharge my Leaf (my first EV) via 110v and the included EVSE.

When my lease is up and I replace the car with another EV, I will likely take the plunge and install a real charger. Now that I’ve experienced a year of EV ownership, there’s no freakin’ way I’m going back to gasoline.

Jeff D

I believe I have seen forklifts with the Tatung name on them. If people are happy with the forklifts, one would hope they would make a decent charging station too. Especially since the forklifts I saw appeared to be electric.


I have an induction stove made by them. Works great most of time except when I use cast iron pot with it and it will show an “err” code after it gets pretty hot.

I hope their EVSE won’t do the same…. =)