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Zero FX Electric Motorcycle Amazes Autogefühl – Video

Autogefühl switched from its usual four wheel electric coverage to two wheels while testing the Zero FX electric motorcycle, which turned out to be exceptionally fun to ride. Autogefühl’s Thomas, with his motorcycle backgroud in hand (who knew?), was simply amazed by the Zero FX, and turned in his usual 2…

2 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Zero FX Rides Rubicon Trail – Video

The Rubicon Trail is no match for the electric Zero FX. According to Zero, these are most likely the first electric vehicles to ever complete the rugged Rubicon! Video description: “Five riders from the Zero Motorcycles R&D crew tackled the famous Rubicon Trail in October. All five completed the rugged…

2 years ago by Electric CarsTV 10