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Tesla Model 3

More Must-Know Tesla Model 3 Details Revealed

LEARNING MORE TESLA MODEL 3 INSIDER GEMS [INFOGRAPHIC] As we’ve all had a moment to take a breath since the launch last week of Tesla’s Model 3, slowly but surely more information has been seeping in. The launch party stoked plenty of excitement — so much so that Tesla has…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 vs. The World

The Tesla Model 3, with its mass market pricing will help accelerate the company’s face-off with fossil fuel powered Big Auto (Image: Mediakix*) TESLA MODEL 3 IS READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD [INFOGRAPHIC] The Tesla Model 3 is about to change everything. Bloomberg reports, “It’s finally here: The Model 3, Tesla’s $35,000…

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Tesla CTO JB Straubel On Artificial Intelligence and Persistance

TESLA CTO JB STRAUBEL DISCUSSES PERSISTENCE, TEAMS, AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Tesla co-founder and chief technical officer, JB Straubel, was a guest keynote speaker at last year’s Discovery conference put on by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)*. It was a closed door affair and only paid attendees were given an opportunity to…

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First Chevrolet Bolt Owner Videos Hit YouTube

YouTube channel manager News Coulomb, has started uploading Chevrolet Bolt videos. So far, there are about 10 videos. Each is about 8-10 minutes long and features a few different focuses. The first (above) is simply an introduction of the Bolt. He spends the entire time focused in on the vehicle’s screens,…

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Faraday Future

Up Close Look At Faraday Future FF 91 – Videos

There are a myriad of videos hitting YouTube about the much-anticipated Faraday Future FF 91. It is the company’s production-intent vehicle that is supposed to be released in 2018, with specific intent to compete with Tesla. The premier at CES in Las Vegas, which was live-streamed on InsideEVs, showed the…

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Tesla Model 3 Video Round Up

There are a myriad of videos popping up out there about the Model 3. Many first drives and some great details and questions answered. This is just the tip of the iceberg here. More to come! Below you’ll find a brief video description below each embedded video. Everything about the…

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