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Tesla “Employee” Complains, Musk Disputes Claims, UAW Chimes In

Just the other day, a current Tesla Fremont factory “employee” wrote a piece on Medium pointing out a myriad of issues with the company’s work conditions. Highlights included concerns such as mandatory unpaid overtime, low wages, equipment situations leading to work-related injuries, unfair confidentiality policies, employees fear speaking to superiors, and finally,…

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UAW In Hopes of Unionizing Tesla Fremont Assembly Plant

UAW President Dennis Williams told reporters that the organization is still pursuing interest in unionizing Tesla Motors Fremont Assembly Plant. The plant in California is the only American-owned automotive assembly plant that is not part of the United Auto Workers. The UAW, based out of Detroit, has been interested in…

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UAW Looks to Unionize Tesla Motors

The United Auto Workers (UAW) is back at it again. When Tesla Motors opened its Fremont manufacturing facility, the UAW tried to unionize the workforce.  That didn’t happen, but the UAW is not giving up. According to SF Gate, the UAW has now set up an organizing committee at Tesla’s…

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