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Einride T-pod Self-Driving Electric Truck From Sweden

In the heat of an electric truck race (with Tesla as a contender, Daimler in the business, Nikola with a electric-hydrogen hybrid semi, as well as more recently Cummins announcing itself with a new prototpye), a Swedish company – Einride has come up with the T-pod concept/self-driving truck this Summer. It’s…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Truck To Have 200-300 Miles Of Range

The range figure seems too low to us, but maybe tesla’s target isn’t long-haul after all. The upcoming Tesla semi truck is expected to have 200 to 300 miles (320 to 480 km) of range with payload, according to an exclusive report from Reuters. Crossing the 200-mile mark will enable the…

3 months ago by Mark Kane 52

Ford F-150 PHEV

XL Hybrids Lands New Order For Its Plug-In Ford F-150 Trucks

It seems that interest in plug-in pickup trucks has really grown recently, as we have seen from Havelaar, Bollinger, and the 80 mile, extended range Workhorse W-15 PHEV.  But even past those names, there is also XL Hybrids, with its XLP Plug-In Hybrid Upfit for the Ford F-150. Showing some success with its…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Meet The UPS Class 6 Fuel Cell Truck With A 45-kWh Battery

UPS has announced the upcoming deployment of a special Class 6 medium-duty delivery truck prototype, that will be tested in Sacramento, California. The vehicle is equipped with a 45 kWh battery and also a 32 kW fuel cell range extender (plus 10 kg of hydrogen). It’s one of those rare occasions when…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 48

Plug-In Hybrid Armored Truck…Oh Yeah!

More info behind the building of the world’s first plug-in hybrid CNG armored truck, that we first heard about roughly two years ago, has come to light. Specifically, it seems that this past month, the delivery of the first of six planned units to Sectran Security took place…so not a lot of news in…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 7

Workhorse W-15 Plug-In Electric Truck Test Drive Review

The Workhorse W-15, a plug-in pick-up truck with 80 miles of electric range, was recently unveiled from the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, along with first test drives; although it was still more like a demonstration of a pre-production prototype. The company has apparently increased its Letters of Intent from fleets…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 28

Tesla Semi Rendering

Experts Talk Tesla In The Semi-Truck Business

According to experts, successfully bringing electrification to long-distance trucking will prove a monumental task for Tesla. Although research firm IHS Markit speculates that the electric hauling industry will grow by a whopping 10 percent over the next decade following 2020, the research shows that it will be slow going over…

7 months ago by Steven Loveday 53