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Toyota Has Sold 9 Million Hybrids, Including 75,000 Prius PHVs

Toyota recently announced a milestone of selling 9 million hybrids, which includes some plug-ins. Nearly half were sold in Japan (4.376 million vs 4.633 million overseas). Despite introducing new models with hybrid drive, these are difficult times of late for hybrids. Over the last four years sales of Toyota hybrids have stalled between 1.2…

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Toyota Plug-In Electric Car Sales Flop In 2015

Toyota has “withdrawn” early from the first version of the plug-in hybrid Prius, which has led to a sales flop in 2015. That was bad news for plug-in market overall in the US, which last year lost some 10,000 expected Prius PHV sales. The new Prius Plug-In Hybird is to…

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