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A Record 123,000 Plug-In EVs Were Sold Worldwide In September

Global plug-in electric vehicle sales increased to record levels in September, tallying some ~122,860 deliveries (up 55%), and obliterating the old high-water mark of about 105,000. The YTD worldwide total (after nine months) now stands at roughly 766,000 after nine months, which is roughly equal to the amount of plug-ins that sold…

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Tesla Ranked #1 For Safety Feature Availability Via Edmunds

Despite Tesla having long-time update issues with its Autopilot 2.0 software, it’s still significantly ahead of the pack when it comes to what safety features are offered and available. According to Bloomberg, Edmunds refers specifically to autonomous safety features in this assessment, but those are the true features of tomorrow,…

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Toyota Sora Fuel Cell Bus To Debut In Tokyo

Likely one of the biggest vehicles heading to Tokyo, the Sora offers seating for 79 people. Much like the Fine-Comfort Vehicle, the new Toyota Sora adopts a fuel cell power-train and is a concept. This is where the similarities end as while the former is a six-seater sedan, the latter aims…

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Toyota Concept-i Ride To Debut At Tokyo Motor Show

Engineered to easily accommodate a wheelchair. After introducing the Concept-i at the beginning of the year during CES, Toyota has downsized the formula for the new Concept-i Ride tailored to city use. It might just be one of the smallest cars to feature gullwing doors and these have been installed not just…

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Toyota, Mazda And Denso Team Up To Work On EVs

Each of the three will carefully select engineers to form a new company. Toyota and Mazda are perfectly aware the EV era is upon us (while we think Mazda is anyway), which is why the two have teamed up with global automotive components manufacturer Denso to jointly develop technologies catering electric vehicles….

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Toyota Says Mass EV Production To Begin In China For 2019

Rumors from Japan indicates that Toyota will respond to the new aggressive Chinese quotas for plug-in vehicles by launching mass production of electric cars in China from 2019. To be fair, if the company wants to stay in China…it doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  By the end of 2018 2019, a…

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What’s To Become Of The Self-Driving Car Market?

IN THE SELF-DRIVING CAR MARKET, WILL THE WINNER TAKE ALL? [INFOGRAPHIC] We all know that, when a new technology becomes established, there are winners and losers. However, the picture is more complex: some companies will be small winners and others will be big winners. Where a particular company ends up…

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