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Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Emirai 4 Smart Mobility Demo EV

From this year’s Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi Electric (not to be confused with Mitusbishi Motors – but its motor and inverter supplier) will present its latest, and fourth generation, EMIRAI demonstration electric vehicle (see the third here and the second generation here). The EMIRAI 4 Smart Mobility Concept is equipped…

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Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION Concept To Electrify Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi has announced the unveiling of its e-EVOLUTION Concept for the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motor Show in late October. It will be an all-wheel drive, electrified car that we believe will come with a plug-in hybrid power-train…because well, that is what Mitsu does, although an all-electric set-up can not be 100% excluded at…

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Yamaha Electric Bikes At The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show – Videos

Today we will move back a little bit to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, where Yamaha unveiled its concept electric motorcycles – PES2 for the street, PED2 for off-road and bicycle YPJ-MTB Concept. The Japanese company isn’t yet publically offering any plug-in motorcycles, but the tipping point is approaching…we hope….

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Toyota FCV Plus In Tokyo – Images & Videos

Toyota doesn’t stop with the Mirai in the hydrogen fuel cell car developments. The automaker is introducing the Lexus concept and another Toyota concept called the FCV Plus. This one looks to the future, in which cars will become something entirely different than what we’re used to today. FCV Plus is AWD,…

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Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept Gets Tokyo Debut

Teatro for Dayz is one of the craziest electric concepts on display at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. The main theme is technologies for future generations. It’s hard to believe that Nissan would introduce a production version of Teatro for Dayz, although for sure they are considering adding more displays and…

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Lexus Unveils LF-FC Fuel Cell Concept

Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept is another hydrogen fuel cell from Toyota group on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. Those who counted on the all-electric cardboard car making it to production may be a bit disappointed, but let’s check out this new Lexus. This most recent concept is an all-wheel-drive limousine…

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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Debuts In Tokyo

Honda unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show its brand new, production-ready hydrogen fuel cell car – the Clarity Fuel Cell, announced earlier this month. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will enter the market next year, but the production plan – at least according to Nikkei – at 400 units a year…

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