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Tesla Superchargers Coming To Florida’s Space Coast Area

The First Tesla Supercharging station to be installed at Space Coast’s West Melbourne, that is right in the neighborhood of SpaceX.   So probably more than a few employees of the aerospace and space transport company have put a bug in their boss’ ear about a new station – especially as they…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Reveal – Expectations

So what the heck will Tesla cover at the Model 3 handover party? The best answer to this recurring question is, “Who knows?”. But we all know that it’s not nice to answer a question with another question. While some of the event’s intentions are probably pretty obvious to most of…

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Tesla Launches New Supercharger Cost Estimator Tool

Due to so many recent changes in the Supercharger program, now Tesla is making the pay-per-use system more clear. On Tesla’s website, there is a new calculator that allows you to estimate Supercharger cost versus gasoline cost for the Model S and Model X based on distance driven. It automatically…

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Tesla To Add 14 Superchargers In South Korea This Year

Tesla plans more Supercharger site in South Korea than initially promised. Tesla’s Jonathan McNeill, president of global sales and service, was in South Korea recently to celebrate the opening of Tesla’s first two stores in the nation. While there, McNeill made in few comments in regards to Tesla’s future plans…

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Tesla Expanding Highly Used Supercharger Sites

Tesla announced earlier this year a goal of doubling its Supercharging network before year’s end, as well as a quadrupling of the number of available Destination Chargers. Tesla Model S/X deliveries are experiencing record highs over recent quarters, and we are just around the corner of Model 3 introduction; so the expansion…

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Here’s How Paid Tesla Supercharging Works – Video

Earlier this year, Tesla switched from free Supercharging access for all Model S and Model X to paid access for new cars ordered after January 15 and not delivered before April 15. While the older Teslas retain unlimited free fast Supercharging for long-distance travel, the new ones are paid above an annual…

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