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Toyota Sells All Remaining Shares Of Tesla

Toyota sold all of its remaining Tesla shares due to a lack of new developments related to the two automakers’ early partnership. Way back in July of 2010, Toyota made a smart move, following in the footsteps of Daimler the Japanese automaker purchased $50 million in Tesla stock. Daimler had…

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Can Tesla Take Over Auto Industry?

To say that Tesla’s automotive production stats pale in comparison to the Big Three automakers would be an understatement, yet the Silicon Valley electric automaker’s market cap and rapid progress is a completely different story. Tesla caused quite a stir on Wall Street as its market capitalization passed that of…

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Could Tesla Stock Hit $1,000 In 2020?

GETTING TO A $1,000 PRICE TARGET FOR TESLA STOCK IN 2020 There’s a saying in stock market circles that the bursting of a bubble is imminent when the last of the bears gives up and joins the bulls. We don’t think that’s the case for Tesla just yet (we say,…

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GM Exec Comments On Tesla Market Value

History was made when Tesla’s market value shot past General Motors a couple weeks back. What does General Motors have to say? Just two weeks ago, Tesla’s market value zipped past General Motors, making Tesla the most valuable American automaker. Related articles: What To Make Of Tesla’s Unique Market Cap…

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Tesla Seeks $1.15 Billion From Stock And Debt Sale

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on March 15 that the company will move forward to raise approximately $1.15 billion in order to “play it safe” as the electric automaker forges toward Model 3 production. SEC filings show that Tesla will sell about 1 million stock shares, worth around $250 million….

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Tesla Stock Quickly Approaching All-Time High

Back in September of 2014, Tesla stock hit an all-time high of $291.42. This week, it peaked at $287.39, and closed at about $280 yesterday (Feb 15th). The company is expected to begin pilot production of its anticipated Model 3 days ahead of the release 2016 fourth-quarter earnings on February…

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