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Tesla Model 3 Spotted In Norway – Video

The Tesla Model 3 keeps popping up abroad now, like this white one that was just spotted in Norway. Just the other day one was spotted in Germany. Prior to that, we’d seen a couple in New Zealand conducting winter tests. It’s becoming quite clear that Tesla is shipping more…

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It Turns Out Tesla Vehicles Really Make Great Taxis

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO DRIVE A TESLA MODEL S FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES? With simpler powertrains and far fewer moving parts, electric vehicles should last longer and require less maintenance, than legacy vehicles. How is this prediction holding up in the real world? One good person to ask…

5 months ago by EVANNEX 28

Norway Is King Of The Electric Car Revolution And Tesla In Europe

HERE’S HOW TESLA AND THE ELECTRIC CAR CONQUERED NORWAY Norway has long been a standout country for Tesla. Bloomberg* explains that Norwegians are transitioning “to electric vehicles faster than anyone else on the planet. More than a third of all new cars are either fully electric or plug-in hybrids, well over 10 times the…

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Tesla Model X Unveiled In Norway – Video

Norway’s love for electric cars is unmatched, so it’s wise of Tesla to schedule a Model X debut there as soon as possible. That’s exactly what happened last week, with the Model X debut event in Norway, as seen in this video. Norwegians love all-wheel-drive cars nearly as much as…

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