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Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Musk May Be Tesla’s Biggest Fate Risk

What makes Tesla strong is the same thing that makes it weak. As the California-based automaker purposefully whirrs down the straight and narrow, Elon-Pilot keeps it glued to the center of its lane. Not much ping-ponging here. Mileposts erected in CEO Musk’s master plan have clicked by with such regularity,…

3 months ago by Domenick Yoney 28


Chief Motor Engineer At Tesla Shares Innovative Insight

TALKING TECH WITH CHIEF MOTOR DESIGN ENGINEER AT TESLA Tesla is on an ongoing quest to improve everything about its products, from components to manufacturing processes to marketing and delivery. Battery technology gets the most media attention, but the company also has a world-class team dedicated to developing better traction…

6 months ago by EVANNEX 22

Newsflash: Tesla Motors Changes Name To Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Motors has just changed its name to Tesla, Inc. This name change has been expected for some time now as it more accurately represents the current situation at Tesla of being more than just an automaker. With Tesla Energy, the incorporation of solar and more, the former “Tesla Motors”…

10 months ago by Eric Loveday 4

French Economy Minister Visits Tesla’s Fremont Assembly, Tempts Tesla To Built Next Facility In France

Tesla manufacturing is present in Europe through its Tilburg, Netherlands final assembly factory (or put another way, its re-assembly factory – put in place to avoid certain European import fees), and also recently in Germany, through its acquisition of Grohmann Engineering. Now, France’s Economy Minister Michel Sapin would like to encourage…

10 months ago by Mark Kane 68