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Tesla Model 3 Reservations Continue To Climb

Despite a lack of marketing, and attempts to anti-sell the Tesla Model 3, CEO Elon Musk assures that paid reservations continue to climb every week. The only officially announced “high point” for Tesla Model 3 reservations came a little over a month after the reservation process began, Tesla revealed that…

6 months ago by Steven Loveday 64

Pace Of Tesla Model 3 Reservations Slows Down

Two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 13th, Tesla’s vice president of business development, Diarmuid O’Connel stated that Tesla Model 3 reservations were nearing 400,000 units, an impressive figure for sure. But are reservations still growing at a rapid pace? The answer appears to be no as just last Thursday (April…

2 years ago by Eric Loveday 78