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Tesla Model 3

Der Spiegel Calls Tesla Biggest Concern For German Automakers

DER SPIEGEL: GERMANY’S AUTOMAKERS FACE ‘EXISTENTIAL CHALLENGE’ WITH ARRIVAL OF TESLA Germany’s top automakers have been plagued by an unprecedented crisis related to cartels and collusion surrounding their beloved diesel engine technology. Now, having turned their backs on electric vehicles for years, they’re facing another existential challenge. Der Spiegel* reports, “The biggest cause for concern in the…

5 months ago by EVANNEX 34

With Germany’s EV Landscape Thawing, Tesla Starts Hiring

Five years ago, Germany was heralded as one of the inaugural hot spots for electric vehicle adoption.  The thinking was that a well-heeled, accommodating population and a willing government would see the country take the electrification lead in Europe. Well, as it turns out, not so much. Just 1,144 plug-in vehicles were sold in Germany in…

3 years ago by Jay Cole 37