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Tesla Drive Unit Dyno’d On Lotus Evora Project – Video

The Speed Academy takes us to the third episode of its Lotus Evora conversion to electric drive, using a Tesla Model S electric motor, and two Chevrolet Volt battery packs. Blue Lightning’s new powertrain essentially doubles the original power output of Evora (to some ≈460 hp), and now installed. Next…

6 months ago by Mark Kane 8


Tesla Model S Electric Motor Gets Hacked – Video

Lest you think Jack Rickard and EVTV are the only guys spinning up Tesla motors on a bench, there’s this guy, Michal Elias, on Youtube showing a very informative and this time (almost) concise (30 minute) video on his exploits.  Go to 12:30 to see it actually spinning up slowly, but…

2 years ago by Ted Dillard 18