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Tesla Leads EV Market, With The Model 3 Yet To Be Counted

Wall Street research firms have uncovered more proof of the continuing dominance of Tesla in the fast-growing electric vehicle sector. Statista reports, “Even though Tesla has a policy of not breaking its sales down by market, Moody’s data published by CNBC shows that there is strong demand for its cars in the United…

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Tesla Dominates The Current Electric Vehicle Segment

HERE’S WHY TESLA CONTINUES TO LEAD THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE PACK [INFOGRAPHIC] Although Big Auto continues to turn up the volume on their electric vehicle rhetoric, it’s doubtful we’ll see any meaningful Tesla competitors for some time. Why? Big Auto is quick to hype plenty of all-electric concept cars, but, launching production EVs remains a painfully slow…

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Can Tesla Take Over Auto Industry?

To say that Tesla’s automotive production stats pale in comparison to the Big Three automakers would be an understatement, yet the Silicon Valley electric automaker’s market cap and rapid progress is a completely different story. Tesla caused quite a stir on Wall Street as its market capitalization passed that of…

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