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Tesla Korea Gearing Up For Additional Sales

Tesla recently began sales of Model S/X in South Korea and between June and late August, and delivered some 48 cars. That’s not many, but the company is gearing for higher sales, and is expanding its charging network. It’s expected that this month, the eighth Supercharger will come on-line, with…

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Tesla Model X

South Korea To Tweak Incentives To Include Tesla

Tesla recently began sales of its electric vehicles in South Korea in June, but at launch those EVs weren’t covered by the generous regional subsidies of up to 26 million won (over $23,100), available for other offerings. Now all that is going to change. The problem with the incentive in South…

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Renault ZOE Could Be Sold In South Korea From 2019

According to media reports, Renault is considering launching ZOE sales in South Korea from 2019, exporting it from France. The French manufacturer would take advantage from an expanded charging infrastructure (the new ZOE accepts up to 22 kW through three phase AC) and government subsidies. “Carmakers have launched an increasing number…

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Hyundai Aims To Launch 180 Mile Electric Bus In 2018

Hyundai isn’t stopping at passenger vehicles when it comes to electrification; starting next year the company will begin the commercialization of electric buses in South Korea. The unveiling of a new fully electric bus is expected later this month.  And this won’t be the company’s first attempt at this segment either. Hyundai tried…

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Tesla Model X To Go On Sale In Taiwan

About a month ago, Tesla started delivering the first Model S vehicles in Taiwan. Now, the automaker has unveiled its Model X in the country, and sales are set to begin. The Model S starts at NT$3.18 million (~$101,000 U.S.), and a base Model X in the country will set you…

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Tesla Open For Business In South Korea

Earlier this month, Tesla inaugurated the opening of its first two stores in South Korea. Store #1 is referred to as the automaker’s Korean flagship location. It’s in the new  Starfield Hanam, a shopping mall located in Gyeonggi Province (see rendered image). The second store is in Cheongdam-dong. Korea Times reports:…

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