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Nearly 121,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In October

Nearly another record month for plug-in electric cars on the global scale. In October, plug-in electric car sales nearly hit a new record, set in September at 123,000. EV Sales Blog estimates almost 121,000 deliveries of plug-in electric cars globally in October, which is 84% more one than year ago….

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Tesla Model S Versus … The Renault ZOE? (Video)

The Tesla Model S P100D has been tested against the … Renault ZOE?   Carwow has apparently decided to compare and contrast the differences between the longer range EVs found on the far ends of the plug-in spectrum for Europe; and is answering the questions that no one is asking. The…

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Plug-In Sales In France Rise 33% For October

Plug-in electric vehicle sales in France continued their expansion in October, notching 3,627 new registrations – which was 33.3% more than year ago. Once again, the fastest growing part of the market is plug-in hybrids, which nearly doubled last month: October stats: Passenger BEVs: 1,748 registrations (up 13.3%) at ≈1% market…

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Motor1 France Takes On eRallye Monte Carlo In Renault Zoe

The eRallye Monte Carlo continues its electric tradition. At the dawn of the lithium age and the markedly increased viability of electric vehicles, all kinds of various efforts were made to promote battery-powered driving. One of the more prominent of those was rallies. Not the racing-through-forests/deserts/backroads type of rally (as…

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Tesla Model S driving

A Record 123,000 Plug-In EVs Were Sold Worldwide In September

Global plug-in electric vehicle sales increased to record levels in September, tallying some ~122,860 deliveries (up 55%), and obliterating the old high-water mark of about 105,000. The YTD worldwide total (after nine months) now stands at roughly 766,000 after nine months, which is roughly equal to the amount of plug-ins that sold…

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Renault To Ready 4 ZOEs For Autonomous, On-Demand Mobility Service

Renault and its partners are launching something called the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab project – an on-demand/mobility service on open roads, complete with five autonomous electric vehicles for public use. The idea is to put four autonomous Renault ZOE and one Transdev shuttle in service over three circuits, covering a distance of ten kilometres…

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